4 Programs That Keep Kids Active During School Holidays

Every school holiday, we run daily programs for children between the ages of kindergarten and all the way to year 6. We strongly believe that through exercise and engaging activities, kids can expend their energies, and improve their coordination and mental health.

The best part of our school holiday programs is that we’ll keep your kids fully engaged and occupied for full days! Your child can have an awesome time and also come home completely relaxed  (and very tired) so you can have peace of mind.

So here is a breakdown of our activities and how they can be a fun and memorable time for your children.

Yoga & Acro Yoga

Yoga is an excellent way for children to build strength, flexibility and balance. It also helps kids release stress and relaxes their minds – something that every kid needs after a long day at school!

Acro yoga is another great activity that we offer our students during our school holiday programs. Acro yoga combines partner yoga and acrobatics  so it’s an exciting activity where kids get to learn how to trust each other, cooperate and learn the importance of teamwork in a completely fun environment.

Acrobatics, Gymnastics and Dance

Acrobatics, Gymnastics and Dance are excellent for kids. They’re great for their coordination and also for their mental health by overcoming fear and building their confidence.

Acrobatics is a very fun sport that involves jumping and flipping around while using your body as a springboard. This sport can be very dangerous if done incorrectly or without proper safety equipment, but when practised correctly, it’s an extremely fun activity that will improve your strength and flexibility.

Gymnastics is a great way to help kids build confidence by improving their co-ordination, flexibility and bodily control. It’s not just about learning how to make those difficult flips and twists at a young age either. It also trains their mind and body balance on equipment like bars, beams and trampolines.

Dancing is another great activity for kids because it improves their coordination and helps them stay healthy by burning calories through aerobic exercise. You should make sure that your child practices dancing with music instead of just moving to their own rhythm because this will help them learn how to move their body in time with the music instead of just randomly moving around which could lead to injuries due to lack of coordination.

Festive Gift & Card Making

December is the season of giving, and it’s also a great time to let your kids get creative with their own handmade gifts. We’ve included festive gift and card-making as part of our holiday program! It’s fun and engaging – plus, they’ll learn the joys of gifting with a full heart.

Kids can learn that by making gifts for their loved ones and thinking about what they would like to receive. The card-making workshop was very popular this year and we had so many requests for our Christmas cards that we decided to make it an ongoing program!

Arts & Craft

Arts and craft is a great way for kids to express themselves. They can make anything from paintings to collages, from clay sculptures to paper crafts and even more!

It’s important for kids to have an outlet where they can be creative and artistic without judgment. Arts and crafts allow them to do just that! It’s also another aspect of Mindfulness that perfectly compliments our Yoga and acrobatics sessions. 

We use a lot of recycled materials for our crafts as well as pieces found from nature on our park days! We have used things like old cans and bottles, egg cartons, plastic bags from the grocery store; bits of fabric from clothes that we’ve outgrown but still love (like shoes) as well as twigs; leaves; flowers and rocks!. It’s great because it allows us to create things from scratch whilst educating the kids on the importance of recycling and not wasting things.

Ready to hand your kids over to us this Christmas and New Year Holiday?

Our School Holiday program runs from 19th December 2022 till 30th January Monday to Friday all throughout the school holiday period! We have a short break in between during the week of Christmas and New Years (between the 24th December 2022 till 8th January).

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We hope to see your kids there!