Kids Yoga Teacher Training

Dates TBC, Annandale Studio

About our Program:

Flying Yogis have become Australia’s authority in Children’s Yoga Teaching and Training. Our courses are a game changer for those who participate as they observe and participate in real classes with real children (who are not bribed to behave!!). You’ll need to  bring your Inner child, though… you’ll be playing and playing for hours on end… 



This course is not only suitable for Yoga teachers, but also: mums, dads, school teachers or child care professionals looking to learn and understand more about the positive affects of yoga with children. Yoga improves balance, strength, endurance, and aerobic capacity in children. Increasingly studies have shown that yoga can improve focus, memory, self-esteem, academic performance, and classroom behaviour, and can even reduce anxiety and stress in children.


The training is divided in 3 Modules! You can attend all modules individually and receive your certification for participation and if you are already a Yoga Teacher registered with Yoga Australia, you can even use the hours as Professional Development Hours. 





For yoga teachers looking to further their knowledge this course is recognised by Yoga Australia as a 30 hr Post Graduate Course. Mentoring opportunities exact after the course. (Where we can train you to teach with us, or continue further teacher training).  You will need to complete all 3 modules to receive your full certification. 

Age Group: 2-5 years old 



Development expectations- Physical; Mental; Behavioural & Emotional Creating Classes for 2-5yrs 

Plethora of Games; Songs; Activities Mindfulness Tools 

Applied Anatomy & Physiology Resources

You have your class designs mentored 

You get to experience 2 live classes (toddlers 2-3.5yrs & preschoolers 3.5-5yrs



Typically 8am- 3pm.

Age Group: 5-12 yo.


Development expectations- Physical; Mental; Behavioural & Emotional

Creating Classes for 5-6yrs; 7-9yrs; 10-12yrs

Plethora of Games; Songs; Activities; Mindfulness Tools

Managing specific Behavioural Spectrums

Applied Anatomy & Physiology Resources

You have your class designs mentored

You get to experience 3 live classes (Yrs k-1; yrs 2-4; yrs 5-6). 


Typically 8am- 4pm


Development expectations- Physical; Mental; Behavioural & Emotional; 

Creating Classes for teens Games that Engage Teens. 

Mindfulness Tools

Applied Anatomy & Physiology resources

You have your class designs mentored You get to experience 1 live class. 


Typically 8am-3:30pm (depends on various factors- can change from program to program)

Join this unique Kids Teacher Program to unleash your inner child and learn valuable tools
for you day to day life working or being with children!

Next Module:

Annandale Studio

Flying Yogis presents a Yoga Australia recognised 30 hour Children’s Yoga Teacher Training course. The course is divided in 3 parts. The Modules will be taught in our Annandale Studio!

Teacher trainees get to assist teaching the kids! Please express your interest by emailing us at

Why choose our program?

Comprehensive program

The most comprehensive program available where every hour in the course is a contact hour.

Content designed by our very own teachers

They have worked on designing tools and methods that will get you understanding children and reaching them effectively.

Mentorship opportunities

Your initial sequences will be mentored by our experienced staff. You can stay in touch with us.

Real teaching experience

You observe and get a chance to participate in up to 8 actual children's yoga classes; divided by each age group.

Unique Subjects

We study development, systems, reflexes, applied Anatomy & physiology and behaviour in children in order to design the most age-appropriate classes.

Job prospects

Suitable graduates may have the chance to become a yoga teacher at our Flying Yogis Studio!

How to book

Please register yourself via the contact us page. In the enquiry section, please let us know what part of the  program you would like to book. Or send us an email to 

Please note:

There is a transaction fee for credit card payments to cover booking system, cc and bank charges. $20 for full program: $10 for single days. You are not charged this for direct deposits. 

We do not refund cancellations within 21 days before the event. 

If you have to cancel do due to medical reasons, you will need to provide a medical certificate and send a cancellation email before 6pm on the Thursday 26th Oct to get a credit for the next training course. 

Check out what our program is like in the video above!

If you have any questions about booking a class, feel free to shoot us a message via Facebook or send us an email to

What our students
say about us

Julie Grey
Julie Grey
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Had a fantastic afternoon at the Handstand workshop with teh team in their new studio at Bondi Junction. Great vibe, great facilities, learned a lot. Very welcoming team. Thank you Team Flying Yogi's! 🙂
Claudia Stark
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"Flying Yogis Beginner's Courses are beyond inspirational. The teacher runs through the technique, benefits and the philosophy behind each pose. "
Emma Jackson
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"Flying Yogis Adult Acro and Handstand classes are not only keeping me in great shape, they are so much fun that by the end of the class, all my stressed and worries are gone"
David Spencer
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" Flying yogis is my favourite place where I feel comfortable with the warm staff and the results in my body and mind. Well done guys! See you next week as usual 🙂 "
Lauren Levy
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This space is perfect for kids and adults A place to find mindfulness, flexibility, strength, soulful music and good vibes 😎

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