Holiday Camp Information Page

Flying Yogis Holiday Camp Info Page!

Didn't receive an email from us with camp details? Everything you need to know and more is here. Please read fully!

Times; locations; activity descriptions; cancellation policies; late pick up policies;

CAMPS RUN 18/12/23-31/1/24


Please read:

ANNANDALE: 103C Parramatta Rd, Annandale. Entry on Johnston St

BONDI JUNCTION: 1/360 Oxford St, Bondi Junction . Entry on Vernon St

WILLOUGHBY- Willoughby Bowling Club- 13 Robert St, Willoughby East


ANNANDALE: 9:00am- 3:00pm (with aftercare – $30- 8:30am- 5:30pm)

BONDI JUNCTION: 9:00am- 3:00pm (with aftercare – $30- 8:30am- 5:30pm)

Junction Half Day Camp: 11:30am-3:30pm- no aftercare

WILLOUGHBY: 9am- 3pm- no aftercare


  • 5 bookings for price of 4
  • send through your Creative Kids Voucher
  •  Before/ Aftercare- $30

ANNANDALE: $125 Per Day

  • 5 bookings for price of 4
  • send through your Creative Kids Voucher
  •  Before/ Aftercare- $30
  • WILLOUGHBY: $125 Per Day
    5 days for price of 4
  • send through your Creative Kids Voucher 

Please, as much as possible, send your Creative Kids Vouchers in via email before the booking. If you send it after the booking, we can credit you the amount, or refund 90% (as we get bank and system processing fees taken out)

Here are the steps:

  • if you’re new to our programs, please register you and your child online
  • We need your child’s full name and date of birth to process the voucher so please enter that too
  • Please email us the voucher number . 
  • We process them every day, put the credit in your account and email you when you can book your child in. 

Wear gymnastics gear or attire that enables them to move around freely. 

Bring sunhat for the park

No closed-toe tights please. It’s too dangerous on equipment

Nothing fancy- we go to the park alot and do piles of messy arts and crafts

Kids don’t wear shoes at the studios, however, need comfy shoes to go to the park 


  • backpack/ satchel
  • recess and lunch (plenty of food- they get hungry!) we are a nut free studio. 
  • water bottle
  • sunhat
  • we provide sunscreen but please provide if your child has allergies
  • extra pair of undies or a change of pants for the kindies/ (yr ones even!!). Accidents can happen!
  • Some $$ for our healthy tuckshop
A gentle request that you don’t pack very sugary foods or soft drinks for your child. Children on sugar highs can be tricky to manage and some of our activities require focus, safety and awareness. !!!

We walk the kids to the nearest park any day with fine weather. Please note this when you make your booking. Our staff have done training to cross roads and maximise childrens’ safety. We pop sunscreen on the children and bring a first aid kit with us. 

ANNANDALE: Weekely Park, Stanmore. 

BONDI JUNCTION: Clementson Park – Ebley St (opposite Officeworks)

WILLOUGHBY: Willoughby park. Just about the Bowling Club

If you cancel more than 21 days before the beginning of the camp you can get:

  • 100% credit
  • 80% refund (to cover booking/ bank and transaction fees each way

We don’t take cancellations 21 days before the camps onwards so please chose wisely. 


  • please call before 7:30am on the day- we can let waitlisted families know . Any cancellation after 7:30pm doesn’t get credited. 
  • For a credit with sick child, please provide a Drs Certificate for us to honour the credit. With the certificate we can credit you for roughly 6 months from the holiday program’s date. 
  • The credit will be left in a spreadsheet, so please email us to pop the credit in your account for your booking. 
  • The credit cannot be used in conjunction with 5 days for price of 4 deals.

For all other information about cancellations, please check our Terms and Conditions. 

 Please be kind to our staff at all times in the context of cancellations and credit expectations, 

If you haven’t booked your child into aftercare, you are welcome to email us and book in. 

If you are late to pick your child up from aftercare, you will be charged $15 for every 15 minute increment that you are late. Our staff have a set leaving time within which they have to set the studio up the next day. They often have something on in their personal lives after work- so please please respect their wishes for you to pick your child up on time. 

Yogis tuckshop supplies healthier choice snacks (nut free):

  • apples
  • yoghurts
  • popcorn
  • oatbars
  • messy monkeys
  • seaweed
  • fruit straps

Please leave a few $$ in their lunchbox if you are ok with them buying something at the tuckshop. If you are not ok, please explain this to them (we don’t want to look mean when we say they can’t have anything!!)

  • allergies
  • spectrums
  • injuries or conditions
  • way to manage their behaviour
  • medications they are on
  • medications they need to take


The more we know about your child,  the easier it is to run the day and for them to have a ball. If we are unaware of any behaviours that may conflict with smooth running of our programs, we will call you to pick them up. Please respect our policy and our staff. 


Families that have sent a letter explaining their child and given us the correct tools to ensure the day runs well for everybody have never been disappointed with the way we manage the care of their child. 

We have zero tolerance on bullying or aggressive behaviour at any of our programmes. We let the children know this at the start of the day. We don’t give warnings, we will ring a parent to pick the child up. This is for the sense of safety and security of the child being bullied.

Over  Summer Holidays, we have 3 age groups and we welcome preschoolers who are starting Kindy in 2024. The Yr groups are what year your child will be in 2024:

Kindy 2024- around 5yrs old
Yrs 1-3- around 6-8yrs old

Yrs 4-6- around 9-12yrs old

In our In Bondi Junction we divide the ages:

Kindy- yr 1; Yrs 2-3; Yrs 4-6. 

In Annandale & Willoughby the age groups are:

Kindy- yr 3; yrs 3-6 (that is 8-12yrs).

Please put your child in the correct age group. If you don’t, we will when we see the anomaly anyway. 

If your child’s age group is booked out, please 🙏 don’t put them in another group. 

We do not take preschool children until the summer holidays. Our programs are not designed with their needs in mind until Summer; and we don’t have the correct care staff employed. If you book a preschooler in – you will be credited for 6 months , and not refunded. Please understand this and be kind to our staff!

We do not take preschool children until the summer holidays. Our programs are not designed with their needs in mind until Summer; and we don’t have the correct care staff employed. If you book a preschooler in – you will be credited for 6 months , and not refunded. Please understand this and be kind to our staff!

We take every precaution possible to ensure child safety: high teacher- student ratios; first aid knowledge and administrations; setting out safety guidelines each morning. Accidents, however, do happen. And more often with children. While we will look after your child if they hurt themselves; and administer first aid; we are not liable for an injury that may occur to your child by accident during our programs. There will be an injury report to sign.

If you call and leave a message on : (02) 93860031, or email  – we will try to return your call/ email as soon as possible. 

The call is taken from one of our teachers, so may not be at the studio  your child attends. please be patient as we find out the information you need. 

We take CREATIVE KIDS vouchers! Please email your vouchers to us BEFORE you book in and we will process them for you. (If you email them after you've booked, we have a 10% admin fee for refunds... Sorry!)


Flying Yogis

Flying Yogis Classes Makes yoga Fun & Engaging for Kids. Classes mix flowing yoga sequences; tumbling; active & mindful games; acro-partner yoga & Music

Acro Yoga

Partner & Group Yoga Activities encourage bonding; cooperation; consideration; focus & trust. The confidence a child feels when they've achieved challenges with a team is unparalleled

Acro Skills

Whilst we will always cover extra skills on holiday camp days, these holidays each Acro/ Gymnastics session will feature a specific skill. Days could feature: handstands; carthweels; baranis; walkovers; backbend; gymnastics circuits​

Gymnastics Programs

We will have workshop days where we focus specifically on all the skills the kids want to improve! :
handstands & cartwheels
walkovers and handsprings.
beam/ bar/ tramp

Art Programs

Our Yogis love our Art Programs. For our Full Program- and what you need to bring in from home on some of the days- please click here

Healthy Brunch

Our cooking these holidays will be held in the mornings so our theme will be brunch style meals. We typically offer dairy/ gluten alternatives and definitely never offer nuts on our cooking days, however, if your child has other allergies we should take into consideration, please email us.

Acro/ Dance Projects

Half the day is spent learning a dance routine; half is spent on acro skills... Then we put them altogether for a big dance off. Wear funky clothing; there may be facepaint and hairspray; glitter and sparkles... anything goes !

Fluoro Friday/ Disco Parties

Fridays have become synonymous with Disco Parties. Now we are introducing Fluoro Fun! Wear your fluoros and we'll dance the afternoon away to all your kids fave tunes.

Annandale Full Day Programs

18 Dec- 31 Jan
9:00 am - 3:00 pm
$125 per day
5 Days for Price of 4

Bondi Junction Full Day Programs

18 Dec- 31 Jan
9:00 am - 3:00 pm
$130 per day
5 Days for Price of 4

Willoughby Full Day Programs

18 Dec- 21 Dec
9:00 am - 3:00 pm
No food included these holidays
$125 per day
5 Days for Price of 4

Half Day Acro & Art Camp

11 Dec- 15 Dec
5 Days for Price of 4