Namaste Yogis Community

Welcome to your sacred space. A space of calm; escape & surrender. The Govt may have deemed communal Yoga Classes “non-essential services”- however anyone who practices Yoga will tell you that Yoga is essential for keeping us sane, mindful and healthy 

Covid enforced shutdowns means that Flying Yogis is now online. Adults and children alike can do Yogis From Home. We have a full adult timetable to stream to you. Loads of free kids classes and mindfulness resources to keep you sane!. 

Pick Your Location!

We have a growing number of locations where you can find our unique range of Kids Yoga Courses


With daily classes, workshops and Holiday Programs!

Rose Bay

With daily classes, workshops and Holiday Programs!

Soul Flow Bondi Junction

1 teen class on Mondays

GPower Dance Willoughby

Classes starting term 2 2020!

Kids Yoga Weekly Term Courses

Combining yoga, acro, gymnastics and mindfulness, Click to learn more!

School Holiday Programs

Featuring Yoga, Acro, dance, craft, Picnics and More! Click for more Info!

Your next Birthday Party

We have over 6 party styles on offer! and we can come to you! LETS PARTY!

Yoga Teacher Training

We now offer Teacher Training for kids yoga, and Adult Hatha Yoga. Yoga Australia Approved

Adult Classes- Fun for All Ages

Why should kids have all the Fun? with; Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, and adult Flying Yogis!

Events and Workshops

We host regular Charity events and workshops! Join our Spring Yoga challenge!

Ends March 15th!

April Holiday Camps

CREATIVITY & AGILITY is the theme for these April Holidays. So as well as our signature Yoga; Tumbling; Gymnastics programmes, we are bringing in some inspirational art teachers! 

 $85 per day or Book 5 days for the price of 4 and save. 

We accept active kids vouchers for our school holiday programmes, so please contact us with your voucher number & desired dates so we can process them for you!




Suitable for Yogis; teachers; parents; therapists; carers; preschools and schools. Learn mindfulness tools; how to create engaging classes; understand developmental stages of children; and watch real life classes as they happen.  

Sunday april 5th 9:30am - Midday

Adults Handstand Workshop


2 groups available, pick the group that suits you!

Group A: You‘re working towards kicking up into a forearm balance or handstand at the wall. Or you have just started to get into handstands and you want to consolidate the foundations to get stronger. 

Group B: You can already handstand. You are even flirting with free balance… or you may be handstanding without dependancy on a wall! 

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