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Winter Holiday Camps- Annandale & Rose Bay
Theme: Dreams & Visions

Our School holiday programs are back !  Rose Bay is almost all sold out… spots left in Annandale!

Book in to Term 3- Beginning July 21st

Boy we have missed you! Limited class sizes until further notice.

Click below to find suitable classes in your location!

If you are new to Flying Yogis we are offering you a FREE TRIAL at any location! Must be booked online. 

Teen Yoga Specialty Course for the Body and Mind!!

Imagine a program that not only got you off the couch and into physically great shape- but also inspired you to be comfortable in your own skin and embrace your individuality!

  .. this 6 part Yoga, Mindfulness & Meditation course is a game changer for teens. It will empower you with confidence and awareness tools to cope with anxiety, pressure, self- esteem issues and lack of body confidence. 

Adult Classes still on Zoom- but also in Annandale Studio

Your pass is now valid for Annandale and Online Classes!!

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We have a growing number of locations where you can find our unique range of Kids Yoga Courses


With daily classes, workshops and Holiday Programs!

Rose Bay

With daily classes, workshops and Holiday Programs!

Soul Flow Bondi Junction

1 teen class on Mondays

GPower Dance Willoughby

Classes starting term 2 2020!