Early Bird Bookings are NOW open. Book before May 31st and save

Our July Timetable will be updated and posted by May 27 but bookings are already open. 

We have early bird specials until May 31st. $100 per day (instead of $110). And , as always- 5 days for the price of 4.
We take Creative Kids Vouchers for school holiday programs. (Not Active Kids- Sorry!)


Our Winter Programs will run from 9am to 3pm Monday July 4- Tuesday July 19, 2022. We will have 3 groups: Kindy 2022 ; 5-8yrs old (yrs 1-2 2022) ; 9-13yrs (yrs 3-6 2022). Simply book your child into the correct age group. Please note- our programs are workshops style and aren’t suitable for kids still at preschool*.


Great News for those who need to work late or just want that extra child free hour! Either book with your day bookings, or email us if you would like it added on to existing bookings. Before care (8:30am) and after care (5:30pm). 


Strict cancellation/refund policy on all bookings. Please take responsibility for your booking and read our terms and conditions for more details.

We take CREATIVE KIDS vouchers! Please email your vouchers to us BEFORE you book in and we will process them for you. (If you email them after you've booked, we have a 10% admin fee for refunds... Sorry!)

All Camp info here:

What to bring:

Kids will need to bring a packed lunch and recess NUT FREE (there is a tuck shop with healthy snacks: Yogurts, oat bars, seaweed snacks, apples etc. if you want to give your child some $), a water bottle, a hat for the park and for Kindy children a change of clothes. 

What to wear?

Comfy clothing that enables them to move around a lot. Just like gymnastics please no dresses! We don’t wear shoes in yoga so please bring something you are comfortable to leave in the side room- we will be walking to the park- so something comfortable to walk in. 

Before and aftercare

Before and aftercare is available is also available! We will continue to maintain our no-screens policy so you can rest assured there time at Yogis is not on tablets/laptops.

Creative kids vouchers

Creative Kids Vouchers are accepted- making it even cheaper! Email us your creative kids vouchers before you book so we can process them before you book. 



Anyone coming regularly to our programs knows how strict we have been over the last three holidays with : temp checks; and sending home unwell children. You also know we have as fair credit policies as we can manage. (We also ask our clients to be fair as well). We now understand that contracting Covid at any program such as a school; class; course or holiday program is unpreventable despite how vigilant that activity provider is to ensure the health of students attending. Contracting Covid when out in public is now a chance everyone takes when booking into activities. 

At this point we are now only crediting people who have to isolate or have tested positive for COVID (with the service NSW text message). Forced isolation is the only factor we can consider.  Please know this before you book. Please understand you cannot cancel while the holiday program has commenced. You must show us your  dated Health NSW message that your child/ household need to isolate. 

Please notify us as soon as you know, but at the very latest by 7:30am the day of the program. We have no admin staff available after that so will assume your child is attending the day. We are offering credit for about 6months after the cancellation. (You will be given the expiry date in an email.  

PLease understand the stress load our teachers are under and please treat them with the utmost respect.    

*Why can’t I book my 5year old preschool child into the camps this Winter? Children from Kindy upwards are used to school- classes; listening for certain periods of time; waiting for their turn. 
Preschool kids learn with games; and less structure and they are used to activities that are much shorter in duration. 
In the holidays- our programs are workshop style with teachers who expect to be teaching school aged children. We haven’t scheduled teachers who can take the preschool kids out to do a more age appropriate activity. Preschoolers end up not having a great experience at the camps. 
Please wait until Dec/ Jan holidays. We put on fun carers who can take the pre-kindy kids out to play more and have more games and age appropriate activities.
If we see preschool children booked in- we will remove them-and credit/ refund 60% of the payment. Please respect our decision.


Flying Yogis

Flying Yogis Classes Makes yoga Fun & Engaging for Kids. Classes mix flowing yoga sequences; tumbling; active & mindful games; acro-partner yoga & Music

Acro Yoga

Partner & Group Yoga Activities encourage bonding; cooperation; consideration; focus & trust. The confidence a child feels when they've achieved challenges with a team is unparalleled

Acro Skills

Whilst we will always cover extra skills on holiday camp days, these holidays each Acro/ Gymnastics session will feature a specific skill. Days could feature: handstands; carthweels; baranis; walkovers; backbend; gymnastics circuits​

Gymnastics Programs

We will have workshop days where we focus specifically on all the skills the kids want to improve! :
handstands & cartwheels
walkovers and handsprings.
beam/ bar/ tramp

Art Programs

Our Yogis love our Art Programs. For our Full Program- and what you need to bring in from home on some of the days- please click here

Fruity Fun

Healthy Cooking with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables this summer! We will be making fruit skewers; fruity icy blocks; fruit mandalas and more! We consider all diet requirements.

Acro/ Dance Projects

Half the day is spent learning a dance routine; half is spent on acro skills... Then we put them altogether for a big dance off. Wear funky clothing; there may be facepaint and hairspray; glitter and sparkles... anything goes !

Fluoro Friday/ Disco Parties

Fridays have become synonymous with Disco Parties. Now we are introducing Fluoro Fun! Wear your fluoros and we'll dance the afternoon away to all your kids fave tunes.


Please read our Terms and Conditions before booking your child into our program. By booking into our program you agree to all Terms and Conditions as outlined on our website should there be any exceptions please provide written notice.


We only accept creative kids vouchers (not active kids vouchers) for our school holiday programmes. Please contact us with your voucher number and desired dates so we can process them for you (email 


Please note: Park activities depend on the weather. Want to stay updated with what the kids are up to each day? Follow @flyingyogis on instagram as we upload stories, photos and activities throughout the day. 


All drop offs and pickups will be at 103C Parramatta Rd Annandale (entry is on Johnston St, next to Empire Hotel). We walk the children to Weekeley Park, Stanmore. If we ever change parks, you will be notified. Please respect our staff and do not be late picking up children. Please see T&Cs for late pickup penalties. 


Comfy gymnastics/ yoga style gear that they can move around in and sneakers for park activities. They will be barefoot inside for many activities- so no closed toe tights.  Nothing fancy- we use paint; go to parks; love arts and crafts… so something that can come home a little “loved”. 


Please pack a sun hat for the park and a towel for your child to sit on. We will apply sunscreen to all children prior to walking to the park, if your child uses a sensitive skin sunscreen- please put a tube in their bag and let us know. 


We end up with lots of unlabelled and unclaimed water bottles at the end of each camp, so please pack a labelled water bottle so we can notify you if it’s left behind. Please also pack spare pants, undies and a plastic bags for accidents that occur. 


Please pack a hearty NUT FREE recess and lunch. We kindly request you consider the level of processed sugars in your children’s food as highly sugared up children are hard to manage! We know it’s their holidays and time for fun and treats- but please ensure treats are moderate and ideally healthy!! 


We have a Tuck shop with healthy food options: yoghurts; oat bars; home made bliss balls; seaweed snacks; apples; pears etc. Please let your children know that if you haven’t provided them $ for tuck shop that we cant give them anything.


Check our art project calendar. You may need to bring something from home (normally a jar/ or a bottle of some sort. There’s always one t-shirt design day- so if you pick that day, your child will need to bring an item of cotton clothing)


Late Drop-offs and Early Pickups

Please call us on (02) 9386 0031 if you are dropping your children off late or picking them up early. There are some circumstances where we may leave for the park early, or only be getting back to the studio moments before 3 pm. On those days- we will let you know exactly where to pick your child up from. 


Please let us know if your child has any behavioural issues. If there are tools to make your child feel at home and welcome, please share them. The less surprises we have- the better able we are to manage a child who finds new activities stressful or confronting. We will also ensure we have the correct staff on board with experience to manage children of varying points of the behaviour spectrum

We have zero tolerance on bullying or aggressive behaviour at any of our programmes. We let the children know this at the start of the day. We don’t give warnings, we will ring a parent to pick the child up. This is for the sense of safety and security of the child being bullied.

Does your child require medication? 

If your child requires medication throughout the day, we need you to fill out the following form: Thank you 


We take every precaution possible to ensure child safety: high teacher- student ratios; first aid knowledge and administrations; setting out safety guidelines each morning. Accidents, however, do happen. And more often with children. While we will look after your child if they hurt themselves; and administer first aid; we are not liable for an injury that may occur to your child by accident during our programs. There will be an injury report to sign.


We are writing this point for the benefit of parents who send their kids to Flying Yogis expecting no screen time at all for their children. We are on your side!! We want to provide the most engaging experiences to get them off screens. For this reason, we no longer pop on a movie at aftercare. Children have the option to do colouring in if they are tired, or continue playing with the teacher. If your child likes to read, pop their book in their back pack too. 

Don’t forget to give them enough food for aftercare, or leave a few more $$ for tuckshop


If you are more than 10 minutes late to pick up your child after 3pm, you will be charged for aftercare ($30). And please please respect our staff . They are exhausted… they want to go home; they may have after work plans;- or at the very least- they need to prepare everything for the next day’s activities. We trust you understand.



Cancellation Policy Updated for Covid 19 Pandemic Times. 

We respect people are being asked to keep unwell children at home – even a sneeze may render a child homebound and waiting for test results. In this situation, we offer credit for future programs. We require a Drs certificate to honour the credit or the text from Health NSW confirming that your child has to isolate. (this could either be their positive covid test; or the text sent to family member with whom they share a house). Without a Drs cert, we cannot credit or refund. 

If your area is locked down has been asked to isolate, likewise, we can hold credit for future programs. Technically we are child care and fall under the “essential services” so we are allowed to provide our services under most lockdown rules. 

If a refund is required, a 40% admin fee will be charged. 

No refunds are offered on Early Bird Special purchases. You can move your days around if there is room, however, we can’t hold credit for future programs for early bird bookings


Updated Hygiene Policies to address recent increase in Coronavirus cases:

Due to these uncertain times, we are taking our hygiene policies very seriously, and expect all parents, children and staff to help us with the administering of these to these rules. 

– All children are to sanitise hands on entry to studio; and various times through the day; 

– We will take temperatures upon entry to the studio 

– We will chat with them about hand cleanliness, touching faces and community contact. 

– Please don’t send unwell children to the studio. 

– If you notify us on the day before 7:30am, please present a medical cert/ or proof of covid test for us to honour the credit. 

– Label water bottles – we wont provide cups for children without bottles. No food sharing of course 

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