Handstand Workshop

2 Levels- Beginners & Advance (2 teachers)
Amanda Fuzes & Hiral Pandya

Next Handstand Workshop
Sunday 11th August, 2024. 9:00- 11:30am
Bondi Junction Studio

Workshop Outline

Even though we offer Beginners and Intermediate level on the same day, we will check your handstands so we can better tailor certain drills to you and mentor you personally to improve. The Level II practice is suitable for anybody who wants to keep working on their progressions, the practices and drills will change every month! 

There are 4 main areas of the body that need to be trained to nail a handstand: core; shoulder strenth; hamstring/ hip flexibilty & back strength.. This fitness circuit engages and trains each of these areas. 

Level 1: we will breakdown body positioning; alignment; fear elimination techniques; “breathing upside down”; and overall body awareness as it relates to kicking up into a handstand and holding the position.

Level 2: We will finetune your handstand and teach you drills for: free balance; press handstands.. and fun variations such as walking on your hands and handstand to bridge challenges. 

“Flying Yogis” is renowned for it’s unique blend of yoga and acro for kids.. In this part of the workshop, we share various acrobatics drills and we’ll get you on our gymnastics circuit… 

Some have been known to learn how to cartwheel off a beam on the same day as walk on their hands!!

  • Eliminate Fear
  • Learn biomechanics of inversions
  • Be given core exercises and flexibility and strength drills which will enable you to kick into handstands
  • Be given “homework” so you can practice your handstands safely at home and out of the studio

Learn all variations such as:

  • multiple entry techniques
  • press handstands
  • confident free balancing
  • walking on hands
  • scorpion and hollowback handstands and forearm balances
  • handstand to bridge work. 
  • spotting beginners 

Pricing/ Booking

Handstand Workshop- BEGINNERS
Bondi Junction: Sunday 11th August. 9-11:30am

$ 70 workshop
  • You'd love to do a handstand but don't know where to start!
  • You'll learn techniques to kick up to a wall and hold a handstand
  • One dedicated teacher for the beginners group

Handstand Workshop-INTERMEDIATE

Bondi Junction: Sunday 11th August. 9-11:30am
$ 70 workshop
  • You can kick up to the wall and hold over a minute
  • You'd love to learn advanced progressions
  • One dedicated teacher for the intermediate group

Our Next Will Be Held at Our Bondi Junction Studio


1/360 Oxford St, Bondi Junction. Entry on Vernon St. 


Please note:

We do not refund cancellations within 21 days before the event. 

If you do have to cancel due to medical reasons, you will need to provide a medical certificate and send a cancellation email before 7:30am on the day of the event to receive a credit for 3 months.  

Did You Know We have Weekly Handstand Classes?

Workshop led by Flying Yogis Director Amanda Fuzes & Hiral Pandya

Teacher BioS.

Amanda Fuzes, the Flying Yogi

Amanda started yoga in 1994 and has been teaching since 1996! (yes- she’s a yoga relic from last century!) She is a Senior teacher & trainer with Yoga Australia and 500hr trainer with Yoga Alliance.

Due to her love of handstands; inversions; flips & play- she started Flying Yogis- to teach children, and adults how to eliminate all sorts of fear and anxiety via fun, progressive and challenging yoga sequences.

Amanda’s insight into the Biomechanics of balancing upside down can be very useful for any practitioner looking to deepen their Yoga; Acrobatics or Physical Movement practice but she can specifically help women who need to learn alignment tricks and techniques beyond brute strength in order to be able to sustain and hold inverted postures.  

These skills typically don’t come naturally to anyone! There are drills; techniques; instructions; things to remember about how each part of the body moves in relation to the other part… This workshop reveals each component – and show you how to really enjoy being upside down!

Hiral Pandya- Meandminimeyoga

Hiral has arrived from Pune, India, where she studied Yoga under the Iyengar family since 2011. She is the real deal! 

Hiral’s teaching focus on alignment; muscle isolation; precision; and step by step progressions. She has been literally uplifting our students at the Studios with her depth of knowledge of movement and form. 

She loves athletics; marathons- movement to the physical extreme. 

Follow her and her daughter on Instagram: @meandminimeyoga

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What our students
say about us

Julie Grey
Julie Grey
Read More
Had a fantastic afternoon at the Handstand workshop with teh team in their new studio at Bondi Junction. Great vibe, great facilities, learned a lot. Very welcoming team. Thank you Team Flying Yogi's! 🙂
Aaron Van Dick
Read More
Love the level 1 course! Can’t wait to sign up for the handstand course 🙂
Emma Jackson
Read More
"Flying Yogis Adult Acro and Handstand classes are not only keeping me in great shape, they are so much fun that by the end of the class, all my stressed and worries are gone"
Hannah Montovani
Read More
I'm going through the gymnastics beginners course at the moment and really enjoying it! Great teacher, flexible program and very fun; it's like being a kid for an hour a week. I'd highly recommend the handstands classes with Amanda at Wednesday night too!
Lauren Levy
Read More
This space is perfect for kids and adults A place to find mindfulness, flexibility, strength, soulful music and good vibes 😎