Happy Hips! 1hr Hip Opening Class for You!

Happy Hips- Prt 1 of our 6 part free open hatha yoga workshop course

Who knows whether we will be in lockdown again or not… I watch vigilantly as some cities and towns close their doors once again to contain the virus spread. So if you’re stuck at home but want to feel the benefits of Yoga- join us for this 6 part course. The level is general and open. Beginners can learn techniques- and regular practitioners will also go deeper then previously experienced. 

Wee 1 is Hip Mobility and Strength. Enjoy!


In this hatha open/ workshop style class, we will explore the 6 general ranges of motion for the hips (adduction; abduction; extension; flexion; internal & external rotation…) and we will show you from basics to challenging how to get more strength and movement. 

Open hips free the lower back of pain; require leg strength and brings more awareness to your core. Open hips prepare you well for backbends and bridges… and we show techniques to get deeper into postures like straddle (upavista konasana) and splits. 

Stay tuned for more classes! Enjoy

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