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Imagine starting Yoga at 2Yrs old!. The toddler yoga class is awesome for 2.5-3.5yrs of age. It is done with a parent or carer. 
The toddlers learn: salutes to the sun; fun yoga poses; gymnastics skills and have fun on our gymnastics circuits. We have engaging ways to introduce them to mindfulness; emotion management and awareness

Children going to school in 2024 (or 2025 if they can be left at the studio without a carer)

Kids take flight as this is the first age group done without parents in the studio?*

In our Bendybods classes, we work on coordination; agility; flexibility; fun yoga poses; new gymnastic challenges and concentration games. Stories about mindfulness and other yoga philosophies are introduced in fun ways. We also sneak in little lessons associated with literacy and numeracy. They’ll not only be able to spell and count, they’ll be able to do it with their bodies!

*Children progress better this way. If your child isn’t ready to do classes without carer present, we have increased the number of Family classes- which is a fun class to do with parent/ carer.

Bendybods is a course for Kindy – Yr 1 children. It’s on the active side including: 

salutes; yoga poses; tumbles; gymnastics drills & circuits; lessons in Mindfulness & awareness and we always end with a meditation.

On the mental side the courses focus on: improving concentration & focus; consideration & cooperation; trust; fearlessness; open mindedness…

Our classes for school aged children are done without parents at the studio.

Yoga balances hormones and manages stress so these courses are an ideal tool for handling the pressures of puberty and school life.


The class runs as follows:

Yoga inspired sequences; vinyasa flow; agility; flexibilty… and of course, what we’re famous for; all the gym techniques that kids love (tumbles; flips; handstands; backbends- and crazy acro maneouvres).. We’re also excited to be introducing GYmnastics to this group with our growing amount of apparatus.

Our yogis are able to do vinyasa flow sequences and we start to correct their form in various postures. 
Throughout the class we sneak in various aspects of yoga philosophy such as  Mindfulness; awareness; karma; forgiveness; acceptance; community; confidence and inner power. 

Our classes always include fun games; gymnastics and acro skills and apparatus circuits. 

The class always end with a meditation or mindfulness activity

Our FLying Yogis teens classes are a fun class for kids from yr 7- to year 12 to unwind; destress; stay agile fit and flexible – in good mental and physical shape.


Each week, a mix of flow vinyasa, deep stretches, mindfulness and a few challenges to inspire and help with focus and concentration are taught by teachers with over 10 years experience teaching children of all ages.

We also specialise in puberty and adolescent stages, with self awareness, confidence and cooperation serving as huge themes in all our teaching.

Children are at their most agile at this age… so the standard can really take off.

Firstly we instill focus and concentration skills via 10 mins of breathing and yoga. Then we work on various tumbling skills according to the child’s age and abilities, such as:

Rolls; handstands; cartwheels and variations; backbends; walkovers; somersaults; handsprings.

Mindfulness relaxation and cooldown follows straight after.

This is an open acro and tumbling class for 8-10yr old children. We always start with Yoga to limber up, however the main focus is on gymnastics skills such as:

  • handstands
  • cartwheels
  • backbend/ bridge poses
  • rolls (forward / back)

The kids also spend time on our gymnastics equipment. 

This is an invitation only class. If your child loves acro, join our open class so our teachers can check their acro skills. Students need to be competent in:

  • handstands
  • cartwheels
  • backbend/ bridge poses
  • rolls (forward / back)
  • and they need to be well behaved and focused. 

More Classes For Kids

When we surveyed our teens, the most common thing they were seeking from our Pure Yogis class was a time out of their week where they could relieve their stress. 

There is gymnastics and tumbling in this class, although the class still gets quite challenging and active. 

The group will always do the salutes to the sun; a vinyasa flow; work towards a peak pose.. then do a relaxation and meditation. Yoga philosophy and sanskrit terminology is peppered around the practice. 

Why You'll Love us!

Our unique programs keep kids mindful, focused, active, and learning exciting skills!

Kids effortlessly learn life and emotion management skills through our integrated movement and gymnastics program.

Our programs are designed based on studies of childrens' development and growth at each age stage.

Our age specific programs will nurture and enhance their physical and cognitive skills.

Our teachers come from many disciplines: Yogis; gymnasts; dancers; artists; teachers; psychologists. They are completely trained in our programs and are an inspiration to the children.

Our Acrobatics programs still integrate core mindfulness skills to get the children more agile, aware and coordinated.

What our students say about us

Angelique Mentis
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"Love love love the vibe energy and exuberance of Amanda and all her Flying Yogi teachers for my kids as they all grew up! ... the birthday parties are awesome! Definitely recommend!"
Denise Gutfreund
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Amanda and her team are great with kids. Can't recommend highly enough.
Bevan Rigato
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"Superb exercise and mindfulness for kids. Love it!"
Lauren Levy
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This space is perfect for kids and adults A place to find mindfulness, flexibility, strength, soulful music and good vibes 😎

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