The Dancer Tank

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Fun fact: the Hindu Lord Shiva loved to dance. In fact- one of his incarnations- Nataraj, is the “Lord of the Dance”. Natarajasana is a popular pose in Yoga classes because there is a simple balance version, or there is the very advanced version as demonstrated by our adorable little character on this tank. This tank is ideal for mini-yogis. The front image has been created by @carlahoffenbergdraws and comes in teal and lemon


All our tanks are made with active children, teens and young adults in mind. Ideal for: Yoga; Gymnastics; Dance; Acrobatics; going to the beach; or out with friends… the material is breathable and enables kids to move around completely comfortably and freely. The braided backs add a fun fashion element.

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Lemon, Teal


4-6yrs, 6-8yrs

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