Terms & Conditions

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By enrolling my child into the Flying Yogis Programmes, I understand that:

Cancellation Policy – Please Read

  1. If enrolment is cancelled at least 10 business days prior to the start of the program, payment for full priced bookings shall be refunded less an administration fee of fifteen percent (15%) of the program fee. This covers admin processing fees as well as bank charges and booking system fees that are incurred both ways of the transactions . Failing this, refunds shall not be provided.
  2. If Early Bird or Discount Special enrolments are cancelled, a credit can be given for future use. An admin fee and expiry date may apply in various cases.
  3. If there is space on another day/ another timeslot- we have the flexibility to move your child. Please give us sufficient warning in advance so your child’s spot can be filled
  4. If enrolment is cancelled due to medical reasons (on provision of a medical certificate), you will be provided with a credit note for future use for Flying Yogis programs (excluding merchandise). 
    1. if your child needs to stop attendance of a course mid-term due to medical issues, please provide drs certificate and you will be credited the ongoing missed classes. This credit must be used within a year of the cancellation. 
    2. if your child is sick on the day of a holiday program, please notify us 2hrs before program commencement and provide a drs certificate . We can then credit you (no refunds). We can not honour credits for late notifications. 
  5. If your child is booked into a “specialist programme”, we can give credit for cancellations made 48 hrs in advance. We take limited numbers for these programmes; book the correct teachers in for the numbers, and purchase materials for the precise number of children a few days before the programmes begin. We can’t offer refunds or credits for cancellations within 24hrs of the program. 24- 48hrs notice- please provide a drs certificate in order for us to credit you. Otherwise we are unable to credit. 

Holiday Program & Workshop/ Event Attendance Cancellation Policy Updated for Covid 19 Pandemic Times. 

We respect people are being asked to keep unwell children at home – even a sneeze may render a child homebound and waiting for test results. In this situation,

  1. Please notify us by 7:30am on the day that your child can’t attend if you would like to be credited 
  2. you must supply a medical certificate proving your child couldn’t attend that day due to illness
  3. If a refund is required, a 40% admin fee will be charged.

Late Pickups/  for School Holiday Programmes: 

  1. If you arrive over 5 minutes late from Regular programme pick up time, you will need to pay the aftercare rate of $10 / $15 (depends on programme and rate) to the teacher in cash.
  2. If you are late for aftercare, we ask you to pay the teacher per half hour that you are late- at a rate of $15 per half hour. e.g. if you are between 5-30 minutes late- you pay $15. If you are 30 – 60 mins late- you pay $30. This doesn’t go to the studio. This goes to an exhausted teacher staying back late after teaching kids all day. Please respect their time.
  3. Our doors open for programmes 5 minutes before they start. Please dont drop them in earlier than this. Our teachers need time to set up, arrange the programmes and get ready for a big day full of wonderful activities for your children.

Age groups:

Please ensure you book your child into their specific age group and not age groups ahead. If your child is specifically suited to a different age group (maturity; skills; height)- we will discuss directly with you and decide on a case by case basis.

Make Up classes  We encourage students to make up missed classes. We request that you make them up within the timeframe of the term they are booked into.

Please respect that we cannot honour replacements during the following holiday camps or the following term.

Being slotted into a replacement class is contingent on availability. Please contact us to see whether there is space in the desired class.

Injuries and Limitation of Liability Flying Yogis do not accept any liability for personal injury, property damage or loss sustained by any child as a result of his or her participation in a program due to any cause whatsoever subject to negligence of Flying Yogis, its directors or employees.

Privacy Policy 

  1. 1. Unless we hear otherwise, we may publish photos of your children in our media (brochures; social media; website). While we respect your personal request to not publish a direct photo of your child we request the right to publish a picture where they may be in the background.
  2. When enrolling your child/ children into Flying Yogis programmes, information is retained. This information is shared with Prana Space Yoga Studio (run by the Flying Yogis)… We do not share this information with other parties. You are able to unsubscribe or have your name removed from our database at your discretion.


  1. Flying Yogis endeavour to be as sustainable a business as possible. We try not to bring disposable plastics into our venue so encourage your child to:
    1. Bring a reuseable bottle of water with them – clearly named
    2. Bring snacks or lunch for camps in reuseable lunch boxes


  1. Flying Yogis sets out the rules at the beginning of a programme. We reserve the right to refuse or terminate enrolment to any child who poses a disciplinary problem to our teachers or disrupts the learning for other children.
  2. For health and safety reasons, Flying Yogis do not permit eating in class. Please let your child know this. It is also distracting for other students.
  3. If there are any injuries, a report will be filed for your/ our reference. If the injury required medical attention, you will be notified first but if we can’t contact you, we will call for medical assistance.
  4. Please don’t send unwell children to classes. We will  take temperatures of all children at the studio.
  5. Our terms and conditions are updated occasionally to suit the growing nature and scope of our business.

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