10 Backbend Challenges – from easy to super hard!

10 backbend challenges from Super Easy to Super hard.

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This 10 part bacbending (bridge) skill sequence is similar to what we teach at our studio classes- where we take children from basic level through to the harder challenges. Adults can easily follow the drills- good luck getting as far as the kids though! 

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The Flying Yogis Mural

The making of the flying yogis mural


We met Lara Colby in 2015 when we opened our Bondi Junction studio. A colleague recommended her- she had just graduated from art school and was looking for work. She did a fab graffiti inspired mural in spray can paint for the gymnasium wall. The studio instantly had the 'WOW" factor. When i opened Annandale, it took a while to get a clear vision of how to get more "wow" into an already gorgeous space. I was parking across the road from the studio one morning and looked up through all the myriad of windows and saw the way too clean white wall that is the back of the studio. the first thing i thought was "we need Lara!" I got in touch with her "do you remember me?" she did- and the dialogue began. We created a share Pinterest account and passed hippy trippy groovy sixties art ideas back and forth for a few weeks. Then she nutted out the design. In typical Lara form- it was amazing. She brought her insanely creative friend, Dylan Michaels, along to help her with what she realised was going to be a major project. They needed an overhead projector to project her drawing onto the wall to trace. We couldnt get it to work. "Never mind" they said as they simply replicated the whole A4 page onto a wall which is about 3 meters or more high and 18 metres across!! The rest of the journey- you can glimpse through the lapse time video above. Respect for the hard work, passion, integrity .. and thank you for the joyful work and play environment you have helped us create.

Thank You Bondi!!

April Holiday Fun

FLying Yogis Teaching Yoga To Children Level 1 2015- Programme

Jess, Alla, May, Ivy, Raffa and I (ie the “Flying Yogis Gurus”) put all our experience and love into documenting and teaching our inaugural first Children’s Yoga Teacher Training Programme this October. We couldn’t anticipate how much fun and ultimately successful this project was going to be.

Thanks to our first trainees… you’re now on your way to become children’s yoga teachers… . we hope you join the “Gurus” one day.

Allergy Free Coconut/ Choc Bliss Balls

When holding our Holiday Camps, we’re strictly conscious to provide snacks that :

(1) we would be happy to feed our own children

(2) that are completely allergy free – no nuts, seeds, eggs, wheat…

This is a great bliss ball recipe that your kids can take to school as they should comply with strict school guidelines.

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