A Kids Yoga Teacher Training Feature: Watching Children’s Development with Yoga

Observing how children develop from toddlers through to teens has to be one of the most fascinating elements of our Kids Yoga Teacher Training. In the course of our programs, our trainees watch the following age groups:

  • Preschoolers (3-5yrs olds)
  • Junior Primary School Children (5-7yr olds)
  • Middle primary school children (7-9yrs olds)
  • Tweens (10-12yrs)
  • Teens (13yrs upwards).

We show our trainees the same pose as it’s practiced from age group to age group; the most appropriate games that grab the attention of each age group; the challenges; the meditations… to observe the physical, mental and emotional maturing and how it informs kids yoga class creations.

E.g.- children learn to skip around the age of 4, so classes for 3 yr olds could include hopping on one foot twice then switching.. to help develop the skills for them to approach skipping with ease.

Kids don’t really understand the notion of waiting their turn or queuing until around 6-7yrs, so don’t expect straight lines and patience from preschoolers. Let them all just go but make sure they are always safe!! Waiting time should be kept to a minimum and moving time should be maximised!.

7-9yr olds are the bendiest they’ll ever be! Their ability to do basic yoga (such as downward dog or triangle) might be less than impressive, however their mastery of advanced Yoga postures (ie- the deep backbends; turtle poses; twists and binds) is enviable. This is handstand to bridge and walkover territory. The deep backbends seem to also regulate their nervous system so they can get quite addicted to the movement.

At around 10yrs old- shoulders and hips tighten. Those bendy kids need to make sure their shoulders develop strength to support them and not rely on soft flexibility.

Around teen time, a lot of unexpressed emotional stress is stored in the body. A student might come out of a deep posture with a tear in their eye as some strain is released. Teachers need to be sensitive to this as how they are seen amongst their peers can be quite important for their self esteem and the Yoga class should always be a place they can drop their self consciousness and just be themselves.

We’ve just announced the dates for our 2024 Kids Yoga Teacher Training.