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The Buddhist Way to Beat Bullies

The Buddhist Way to Beat Bullies- a meditation about forgiveness and compassion


This is a simple Buddhist meditation about compassion and forgiveness. Yes- forgiveness for that person who bullies you; who makes you feel uncomfortable; who undermines you; puts you down or has previously made you feel small. It’s part of our teenage Body Awareness & Confidence program for Teenagers- but bullying starts at a younger age- and can go on far longer than teenage years… so this meditation is relevant to everyone who has experienced the feeling. 


This is a very powerful meditation and can bring up some strong emotions. But you only need to practice it a couple of times to master your mind in respect to how you feel about those people. 

This meditation is a part of our 6 part body confidence program for teens. It includes discussions; healthy active yoga practices and life changing guided meditations for tween and teenage children. 

https://flyingyogis.net.au/course/body-confidence-course-for-teens/ You can get a $26 discount on the program if you quote the discount code: YTMeditationDC

10 Backbend Challenges – from easy to super hard!

10 backbend challenges from Super Easy to Super hard.

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This 10 part bacbending (bridge) skill sequence is similar to what we teach at our studio classes- where we take children from basic level through to the harder challenges. Adults can easily follow the drills- good luck getting as far as the kids though! 

Don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel- we are trying to maintain a weekly post- completely relevant to improving mental and physical health and wellbeing of children. Maybe let us know an area you’d like us to cover in the future. 

Body Confidence Course for Teens

6 Part Yoga Program

body confidence & awareness
for teens

We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are.

Anais Nin

Hey guys, switch off the social media, and your phones… we’re about to go on a life-changing journey. 

Yoga and Teenagers should go hand in hand. Teenage years are all about self discovery; emotional rollercoasters; questionning authority; finding your style and niche; trial and error; great days; embarassing days; discovering who inspires you; and how to manage all sorts of relationships.

Yoga is a wonderful tool to not only get your body into tip top shape, but keep your mind present; aware and focused. It helps you navigate the wonderful journey. 

I created this program because I wish I had a tool like this when I was an angsty; insecure and yo-yo dieting teenager. I’ve taught so many inspiring teens over the past 20 years and seen the joy and confidence a regular yoga practice can bring, I’m so thrilled to finally have a 6 part series you can do from your own bedroom. 

 Check our 20 minute Youtube yoga class below… and then book into our online program. You can do it any time- in the quiet of your own room… or with a family member to help you keep motivated. 

Amanda- Senior Yogi- FLying yogis. 

The 6 Part Program Covers these Areas:

practice 1

Setting Intentions + Yoga to Feel Good

Grab Your Journal , Yoga mat, block & belt. We are going to write down our hopes and dreams... then get on the mat to learn how yoga can make you feel great!

Setting Intentions + Yoga to Feel Good

4 lessons - 1ish hour

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What is mindfulness? How can we learn mindfulness tools on the yoga mat? How can it help give us confidence?


4 lessons - 1ish hours

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practice 3

Presence- Living in the Moment!

How can we get our stresses off our mind and truly live in the moment?

Presence- Living in the Moment!

4 lessons - 1ish hour

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Practice 4


Awareness basics 1.01- knowing our lefts and rights; our body parts... and ho to move them. The beginnings of body- mind connection.


4 lessons - 1ish hours

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practice 5

Healthy Body- Healthy Mind

Learn how your regular Yoga practice will lead to healthy body decisions and it's direct effect on great mental and emotional health.

Healthy Body- Healthy Mind

4 lessons - 1ish hours

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Course 6


The final piece in this transformative journey. We realise we can't change the world around us, but how easy it is to change the way we perceive it


4 lessons - 1ish hours

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Each Class is Divided into 4 partss.

intro to theme of the class. 5-10mins

Each class starts with a brief discussion on all aspects of teen life/ healthy and wellbeing. We discuss Mindfulness; presences; awareness; confidence and coordination; health & Mindpower

charging breathing practice 5 mins

These active breathing techniques clean and purify the body and release the endorphines for a naturally "blissed out feeling".

The breathwork can be practiced daily.


Asana is the physical posture practice. Each of the 6 classes can be practiced more than once- but you must progress from 1, through to 6 as the sequence taught is a class by class progression. Whilst each class's "peak" pose is a fun posture that we know teens love, we treat you like adults and teach you yoga philosophy/ traditional sanskrit terms- and you learn why each posture will benefit you


Starting with relaxing body scans; stress management tools and visualisations, we progress to some profound techniques that will ultimately change the way you see the world around you.

I’ve been teaching Yoga since 1996, and teaching children so long that those that started at 5yrs old are now doing my adult yoga classes (or are now yoga teachers!)

I find the teenage years precious, fragile and beautiful.  I structure every teen yoga class with the intention that no matter what is going on in their heart, body and mind before they enter the class- they walk out feeling invincible. 

Yoga would have to be the most powerful tool to conquer the doubts and inescurities in the mind. It doesn’t change the world around you- but changes the way you see it!

Amanda Fuzes

director- flying yogis

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How to nail a handstand- 10 tips for beginners!

All the drills and skills you need to practice to nail a handstand


Watch our 9 min Youtube clip which gives you a series of exercises to follow to build your core; stregthen your shoulders; coordinate your body to kick up into a handstand. It’s taught by Rani & Amanda- but it’s not only for kids…This is exactly the training I give my adult students too! Let me know how you go. 

Fun Acro Skills 1- Learning to Cartwheel

Cartwheel Tips for Beginners

There is quite a bit of technique to mastering the cartwheel, but once you’ve nailed it- you’ll be cartwheeling all day long. Get out in your garden; the nearest park or beach and start practicing these tips! 

by Amanda Fuzes- Video Featuring "Yogi Tori"!

Watch one of our fave Flying Yogis- Tori (also a beautiful gymnast) breakdown cartwheel techniques in a simple way via this 5 minute Youtube Video. 


If i may add something… If you do not practice constantly at the beginning you won’t get it. I have children in my classes claiming they really want to learn to cartwheel yet they only practice for the few moments it’s covered in our classes. If you ask the kids who have beautiful cartwheels why they are so proficient- 10 out 10 times they will tell you that they DON’T STOP CARTWHEELING. 

Once you have the knack- it’s in your body forever.

The Flying Yogis Mural

The making of the flying yogis mural


We met Lara Colby in 2015 when we opened our Bondi Junction studio. A colleague recommended her- she had just graduated from art school and was looking for work. She did a fab graffiti inspired mural in spray can paint for the gymnasium wall. The studio instantly had the 'WOW" factor.

When i opened Annandale, it took a while to get a clear vision of how to get more "wow" into an already gorgeous space.

I was parking across the road from the studio one morning and looked up through all the myriad of windows and saw the way too clean white wall that is the back of the studio. the first thing i thought was "we need Lara!"

I got in touch with her "do you remember me?" she did- and the dialogue began. We created a share Pinterest account and passed hippy trippy groovy sixties art ideas back and forth for a few weeks. Then she nutted out the design. In typical Lara form- it was amazing.

She brought her insanely creative friend, Dylan Michaels, along to help her with what she realised was going to be a major project. They needed an overhead projector to project her drawing onto the wall to trace. We couldnt get it to work. "Never mind" they said as they simply replicated the whole A4 page onto a wall which is about 3 meters or more high and 18 metres across!!

The rest of the journey- you can glimpse through the lapse time video above.

Respect for the hard work, passion, integrity .. and thank you for the joyful work and play environment you have helped us create.