10 Reasons to Love Flying Yogis Holiday Camps!

10 Reasons Why Everyone Loves Our Holiday Camps

Looking for fun things to do over the school holidays? Our holiday camps are packed with activities that children love and parents appreciate. Here’s why our camps are the top choice for school holiday fun and development.

1. Daily Acrobatics Workshops

“My daughter went to her first Flying Yogis camp desperate to learn a cartwheel. The teachers taught her the techniques in a workshop and encouraged her to keep practicing all day. By the end of the day, she was thrilled she was able to nail her dream skill.”

Our holiday camps offer daily acrobatics workshops that engage children in thrilling physical challenges. These sessions help kids improve their coordination, balance, and strength, while also boosting their confidence as they master new skills. Parents love seeing their children stay active and develop a strong sense of discipline and perseverance. With our experienced instructors, kids enjoy a safe and supportive environment to explore acrobatics. If you’re searching for holiday camps near me that combine fun with fitness, our acrobatics sessions are a perfect choice.

2. Daily Yoga

Each day at our holiday camps begins with a yoga session designed to promote mindfulness and physical well-being. Flying Yogis Yoga classes get children loving Yoga the only way- by making it FUN! Children learn valuable relaxation techniques, stress relief methods, and ways to improve concentration—skills that benefit them both at camp and in their daily lives. Parents appreciate that yoga teaches their kids the importance of mental health and self-care. Starting the day with yoga sets a positive, calm tone that helps kids stay engaged and balanced throughout their activities. For those looking for school holiday camps that emphasize well-being, our daily yoga sessions are ideal.

3. Inspirational Art Projects

Our camps are a haven for creativity, featuring daily inspirational art projects that ignite children’s imaginations. These activities allow kids to express themselves and explore various artistic mediums, fostering creativity and problem-solving skills. Parents are thrilled to see their children’s artistic talents blossom and enjoy displaying the beautiful creations that come home. Art projects also encourage collaboration and communication among peers, enriching the social experience of the camp. If you’re looking for art camps that inspire and engage, look no further. Check our Holiday Art Program here.

Glow in the Dark Fun

4. New Annandale Glow in the Dark Activities

We are excited to introduce our new Annandale glow-in-the-dark activities, including soccer, art, disco, and games. These unique and fun-filled activities provide a magical experience for children, combining physical exercise with creative expression. Parents love the novelty and excitement these activities bring, knowing their kids are making unforgettable memories. The glow-in-the-dark setting adds an extra layer of fun and adventure, ensuring kids are always eager to participate. When searching for holiday camps near me that offer something special, our Annandale location is a must-visit. Check out our new Glow Room at our Annandale Studio. Kids are encouraged to wear fluoro and white every day to Glow Up!

5. Dance and Disco Sessions

Our dance and disco sessions are a highlight of the camp, offering children a chance to express themselves through music and movement. These sessions help kids develop rhythm, coordination, and social skills as they dance together. Parents enjoy seeing their children’s confidence grow as they perform and interact in a fun, energetic environment. Dance and disco sessions also provide a great way for kids to stay active and let loose, adding to the overall joy of the camp experience. For those looking for holiday camps that get kids moving and grooving, our sessions are a hit.

Yes- our Yogis Fly!

6. Our Teachers Are Inspirational

The heart of our holiday camps lies in our inspirational teachers, who bring enthusiasm, expertise, and a genuine love for working with children. Our teachers are: acrobats; Yogis; dancers; artists; school teachers; and humans with child-like hearts. They create a supportive and engaging environment, encouraging kids to explore, learn, and grow. Parents are reassured by the professional and caring nature of our staff, knowing their children are in good hands. The positive relationships formed between teachers and campers contribute significantly to the memorable and impactful camp experience. If you’re searching for holiday camps near me with exceptional staff, ours stand out.

7. We Are in 3 Locations: Annandale, Bondi Junction & Willoughby

Our holiday camps are conveniently located in three prime locations: Annandale, Bondi Junction, and Willoughby. This accessibility allows more families to take advantage of our enriching programs. Parents appreciate the convenience of multiple locations, making it easier to fit camp into their busy schedules. Each location offers the same high-quality activities and caring staff, ensuring a consistent and enjoyable experience for all campers, no matter where they attend. For holiday camps near me, our three locations provide the perfect solution.

8. Fun with Friends—New and Old

Our holiday camps provide a wonderful opportunity for children to have fun with both new and old friends. The diverse range of activities encourages social interaction and helps kids build lasting friendships. Parents love that their children are developing important social skills and making meaningful connections. The supportive camp environment fosters a sense of community and belonging, which is essential for children’s emotional well-being. When looking for holiday camps near me that promote friendship and social development, ours are the best choice.

9. Absolutely No Screen Policy

At our holiday camps, we enforce an absolutely no screen policy, encouraging kids to engage fully with the activities and their peers. This policy helps children disconnect from digital devices and rediscover the joys of active play, creativity, and face-to-face communication. Parents appreciate the break from screens, knowing their kids are benefiting from a more balanced and healthy camp experience. The focus on real-world interactions and activities promotes better mental and physical health for all campers. For those seeking holiday camps near me with a no-screen policy, ours are ideal.

10. Multiple Booking Savings

We offer fantastic savings for multiple bookings, with a special deal of five bookings for the price of four. Additionally, parents can use active and creative vouchers to further reduce costs. This makes our holiday camps an affordable and attractive option for families looking to provide their children with a rich and diverse camp experience. Parents appreciate the financial flexibility and value for money, ensuring their kids can enjoy more of the activities they love without breaking the bank. When searching for cost-effective holiday camps near me, our multiple booking savings make us the top choice.

With all these incredible benefits, it’s no wonder everyone loves our holiday camps. Whether you’re interested in acrobatics sessions, art camps, or just fun things to do over the school holidays, our camps provide an enriching experience for children and peace of mind for parents. Book your spot today and discover why our holiday camps are the best in the area.

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