Teen Mentoring Program
Giving teens the experience to gain real work experience, a great work ethic, responsibility and much more.

What is a teen mentoring program?

At Flying Yogis, we are giving teens the opportunity to gain real life work experience by assisting teachers in afternoon classes (in some cases the class before their own), school holiday programs and birthday parties.


This program is a fun and engaging way for teens to get involved in their community while learning important life skills.

What will they learn?

Let’s get them off their mobile phones; teach them about initiative and responsibility; and earn a bit of pocket money too!



It is a great way for teens to learn about work ethic, reliability, punctuality, trustworthiness and to be an inspiration to the younger students. 


The teens will learn important life skills- like time management, organisation and accountability. As well as important communication skills that can be carried with them into the adult working world. 

How do We Join?

Teens who attend our 5pm classes in Bondi Junction or Annandale (or 11am Saturdays) are eligible to participate. 

They need to attend at least one term of our classes and show interest in what we do and how we teach it. 

We are looking for energetic and positive teens who show interest in the Yoga and Mindfulness aspect of our classes, but are also ready to give all the acro challenges and gymnastics circuit skills a go. A background in gymnastics is a real plus but just loving giving challenging skills a go is also highly regarded. 


We can start you off with class assisting work; school holiday work and birthday parties! 

If you’re up for helping with social media – then we are all ears!

Benefits of Yoga for teens