program structure

Each session will focus on a topic from either stream

Every session will incorporate a learning topic from either of these 2 streams; 

  1. Social/Emotional skills 
  2. Physical skills and tools

We have created roughly 10 topics within each stream to be taught across a 10 wk course, or selected for specialty programs.

The topics are the same for all ages (yr k-6) but different age groups go into different depths.
The end of every class will also have a different meditation tools to take home each week.

The structure of each session will be dependant on:

  • How frequent the classes are .. (per week, per term)
  • Age group of the students
  • Focus desired by your school

benefits for children and the classroom

Overall Improved behaviour

reduction in disruptive behaviours, improved relationship skills, less bullying

Enhanced coping skills

Improves self regulating, and calming skills useful for coping with busy school and life routines.

Improved communication

Improved expression, emotional recognition and communication to better social interactions with peers and in the classroom

Safe space for discussions

Engage with abstract emotional and social concepts in a real and meaningful way. Opportunity for kids to openly discuss and ask questions.

Rolemodel positive thinking

Role model and expose youth to positive coping tools and strategies utilised in the classroom, at home and navigating life.

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