We Come To You!

WE COME TO YOU! 90 Minutes


Prefer your party in the park? or at your home? Our Guru’s can come out to you in our Groovy Party Mobile. We carry our mini gymnasium and all our fun activities with us! We offer our standard party or any of our other party themes at your venue of choice. These parties start from as young as 4 years up as our programmes are tailored to suit each age group and level of concentration and maturity.



Annandale & Bondi Junction Studios- Or we can come to your location of choice.



60 minutes (great if your party is 90 minutes)- an hour of activities; gymnastics; dancing; tumbling; games and fun. 

90 minutes (great if your party is 2hrs): The layout of the party is generally 50 minutes of yoga; gymnastics; dance and games,  20 minutes  for food and cake followed by another 20 minutes of games, challenges and activities.

Don’t forget

  • Our van is packed with equipment and activities and will to go the venue of your choice. We can design the invitation for you.


1hr- $400 minumum cost
90 minutes: $550 minimum cost

Extra costs: depending on the number of attendee’s and the type of party selected, costs vary so please enquire for more details. 


Extra costs


If our activities involve extra materials that aren’t typically included in our parties or require extra preparation. If you would like to reduce costs we can discuss what’s involved with you supplying some materials.


If our activities involve extra materials that aren’t typically included in our parties or require extra preparation. 




Your spot is confirmed upon payment of 50% deposit. The remaining balance is due 2 days before the party when attendee numbers are confirmed.


How to Book!

Our Parties are Bespoke. We only have one party on at the studio at a time. So please email us with as much info as you can so we can get your booking happening!

  1. Fill in the contact form . In the enquiry, please include this info: 

    1. Your child’s full name
    2. Date of birth
    3. Desired date/ time of party (give us some options!!)
    4. Location (Bondi / Annandale/ at an external venue)
    5. Theme of party
    6. No. of children
    7. The intended mix of boys and girls
Park Yoga Party Parachute
Park Yoga Party
Park backflip bridge
Park Yoga Holiday Picnic
Park holiday picnic