Group A : Handstand Basics

You‘re working towards kicking up into a forearm balance or handstand at the wall. Or you have just started to get into handstands and you want to consolidate the foundations to get stronger. You may be a regular at a yoga studio that doesn’t teach inversions due to the sizes of the classes.  

We will work on all the drills to master the kickup- with either leg and then two legs together (bunny hops). And we will show you how the body innately loves this posture- so the last element to achieving the pose is the elimination of FEAR!

If you overcome fear of inversions on the mat- you can overcome any fear you have off the mat!! And that’s almost guaranteed!! 


Group B Handstand Progressions

You can already handstand. You are even flirting with free balance… or you may be handstanding without dependancy on a wall! 

We are going to play around with all sorts of variations: walking on hands; presses; floats; tic tocs in this progressive workshop.. We will also help yoga and acrobatics teachers adjust and give confidence to beginners. 


Your "Gurus"

Amanda Fuzes- the Flying Yogi

Amanda started yoga in 1994 and has been teaching since 1996! (yes- she’s a yoga relic from last century!) She is a Senior teacher & trainer with Yoga Australia and 500hr trainer with Yoga Alliance. 


Due to her love of handstands; inversions; flips & play- she started Flying Yogis- to teach children, and adults how to eliminate all sorts of fear and anxiety via fun, progressive and challenging yoga sequences. 


Amanda’s insight into balancing upside down can be very useful for women who need to learn alignment tricks and techniques beyond brute strength in order to be able to sustain and hold inverted postures.  

Nigel Mitchell- the Bondi Yogi

Nigel is just an incredibly inspiring Yogi who has studied the body and movement to the nth degree. He loves to work on progressive inversion sequences; arm balances; strengthening techniques yet maintains flexibility and agility through traditional yoga practice. 

Nigel injects humour and brilliant insight into each class. Check out his epic Insta Account to see inspirational asana practice and his unique way of looking at the Universe.