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Try our newest teen yoga class

our aim is to get as many teens into yoga as possible! Yoga has to be one of the best ways for teens to be able to manage those incredibly precious yet sometimes confusing teen years. 

If you like the video.. then join our 6 part online body confidence course for teens. It’s a game changer

and there's yoga for adults too!

As well as open classes and a few intermediate / progressive practices for experienced practitioners; we are just not launching a 6 part open hatha yoga workshop course which will open all areas of your body. 

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That not enough? many of our adult classes have returned to studio but all can be zoomed to you.

Some of you are up for face to face classes, some of you have discovered the joy of not having to leave the house to get a great yoga class! Check out our timetable… if you are zooming in to a studio class- please book your spot in advance so we can see your booking and send the zoom code.