Flying Yogis @ Your School / PreSchool

Flying Yogis At Your School

Our motto is to teach children tools “on the mat” that they can use to succeed “off the mat”.

Our Flying Yogis programmes are highly suitable for: after school care; extra curriculum sports activities; social sport; or even consider it a subject within your curriculum.

Our programmes study age – specific developmental stages and address issues such as:

Focus & concentration
Trust, Cooperation; team work
Self –esteem building
Elimination of fear (yet understanding boundaries)
Stress & pressure management

The age groups to consider:

Bendybods- 5-8yrs
Flying Yogis tweens 9-12 years
Flying Yogis teens- 13- 18 yrs

Flying Yogis at Your Pre-school

  • We have presented our Bendytots programmes to a number of Early Learning Facilities in Sydney’s East and they have been met with such positive feedback that we have more and more teachers trained up to visit facilities for either one-off or permanent Yoga programmes.
  • Bendytots – 18mnth-2.5 yrs… works on fine motor skills (can help with development issues); concentration games; activities that develop coordination and cooperation; songs- learning about the body; shapes; colours.
  • Bendytots 2.5- 4yrs- fine and gross motor skills; concentration games; activity circuits; literacy & numeracy through yoga postures, games and activities. Introduction to partner acrobatics
  • Bendytots 3-5yrs- continuation of 2.5-5yrs.. more coordination activities; introduction to gymnastic style yoga poses such as tumbles; bunny hops; straddles; more partner acrobatics; more sophisticated concentration games.