11th November, 2015- Day one of building the Dream Acrobatics/ Yoga/ Mindfulness studio for Kids (and one day adults).

It’s no secret that getting the lease on our new premise has been a test of all our yogic calm. As one curve ball came up after another, I took my hat off to anyone who succeeds in small business at all. Every time a setback happened, I had to remind myself, “this is what we teach the kids every day. Don’t let obstacles get in the way of achieving your vision”

6 months after putting my deposit down on a place where I could really envisage opening our dream studio, the lease is signed, and we’ve started work.

Thought you’d like to see the process of making this vision a reality…

16th November, 2015

Joe from BondiBuilda and Heath from Safe Electric worked late into the nights and over the weekend to get the walls down; wholes gyprocked; lighting rearranged and electricals safe and complete for the painters who are coming this week.

These photos aren’t too great- but hope they show a vast difference to the mess we had just a few days ago.

21- 23 November

Just because it’s been a week since I last posted, doesn’t mean that nothing has happened. Walls have come down; a mini office has been made; walls plastered, gypped and evened out; gaudy office lighting removed; dimmable track lighting put in for “mood enhancing”; walls painted bright white and the groovy exposed pipes painted psychadellic mauve downstairs and teal green upstairs.

Just before the floors go in, we have our talented artists come in to illustrate the wall.

Nikki, actually one of the gurus, is in charge of the mandala creation in the upstairs room… enjoy her design process.

24-25th November- floors come in.

We picked these all the way back in July… I had no idea if they were still going to suit the room. But they are awesome. classes can start ASAP. first handstand at flying yogis

Tomorrow- a day full of art and love. I can’t tell you the array of talent we have coming to help and support.

26th November

Today in the ridiculous heat, Lara and Jarrod created a dream-like mural which I just adore. I should wait until the final product is completely up for show- but i just can’t wait to show this little progression from blank wall to inspirational!!

3rd December

the sign came today… now we’re in business.


And just in case you thought we’d finalised the art extravaganza…. there is one more area that started today… the entry to the studio… This is being Designed and painted by Dan Silver of the Bauerbirds.