The Top 7 Reasons to Attempt a Handstand

How many reasons do you need before you’ll try a handstand? One? Ten? None, because you tried once as a kid and crashed onto your face? For those of us who teach yoga and acrobatics, handstands are one of the most beneficial and foundational things you could ever do on your path to wellness.

Handstands are more impressive than they look. And just because you’ve tried to do one before and failed miserably doesn’t mean anything. To show you why I know you can, here are my top 7 reasons for attempting a handstand today!

#1 Increased upper body strength

Handstands require a lot of upper body strength and balance. If you can’t get up into one, you’ll probably have trouble holding yourself up in other poses like downward dog or headstands. A strong, mobile upper body means being able to perform any asana with ease — including arm balances like crow pose or forearm stand.

#2 Improved balance and stability

The ability to balance on one hand requires great mobility in your shoulders, wrists and fingers — something that many people struggle with when they start practising yoga. The more positions you can hold while upside down and sideways, the greater control you’ll have over your own body and its movements. This is especially evident during balance poses like tree pose or single leg crow pose which involve more challenging transitions between postures than regular standing poses like warrior 1 or triangle pose do.

#3 Relieves stress and anxiety

Handstands are a great way to relieve stress and anxiety because they force you to focus on one thing at a time (your posture) which can help clear your mind.

Studies have shown that practising handstands can help lower cortisol levels (the stress hormone) by increasing blood flow to the brain. This allows you to reduce anxiety and keep your cool under pressure.

As we’ve seen and experienced with our members, nothing de-stresses and invigorates your body and your mind like a handstand!

#4 Strengthens the immune system through increased blood flow throughout the body. Also boosts your energy levels and digestion!

Handstands increase energy levels by raising metabolism, increasing oxygen intake and burning calories faster than normal (especially if you add in some jumping jacks or walking on hands). You’ll be amazed at how quickly this simple movement helps boost energy levels!

Plus, it increases blood flow throughout the body. This improves digestion, circulation, and immunity.

#5 Increases self-confidence.

Handstands are an excellent way to build confidence in your body and mind. This pose requires a lot of strength, endurance and focus to hold for longer periods of time. Handstands help you build mental toughness as well as physical strength!

#6 Handstands are fun!

That’s right, handstands actually make you happier! A study published in the Journal of Positive Psychology found that doing something you enjoy (like playing sports or listening to music) increases happiness levels by up to 15%. And when we’re happier, we tend to have better relationships with others because we’re more likely to smile at people and show interest in what they have to say rather than tune them out because we’re feeling down.

#7 Handstands are challenging but also extremely rewarding.

I’d like to end with a little slogan that we like to here at Flying Yogis: “Yoga is fun, Yoga is easy, Yoga improves your life!” It’s true, too–try yoga yourself and you’ll see. So if you’re interested in handstands, if you’re looking to improve your life through physical fitness, or if you just want to have a great time at our next adult handstand workshop, then don’t miss out! Flying Yogis Handstand Workshops are the best in the business; I promise you won’t regret it.

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