Feelings Wheel- Free Print Out

How’re You Feeling Today?

Our Yogis have been super pumped about our new feelings wheel. 

In the centre, we find the 6 basic human feelings. (Happiness; Sadness; Anger; Surprise; Disgust & Fear)… and then we get them to think of other words that can also describe those 6 feelings. 

Then next time they are upset; lash out; get angry; misbehave; act out on their emotions- you can show them the wheel and then they can identify their feelings. Wording and understanding your feelings goes a very long way towards managing them. 

Standard Feelings Wheel – click and download PDF

Fill In Your Own Chart. Click- Print- Fill Out & Refer to in Times x Stress


Lashing out; throwing tantrums; cursing at parents; aggression at siblings; shutting loved ones out; grumpy moods; anger mismanagement; throwing/ hitting things; getting in trouble; disrespect. This list is not the problem. 

The above behaviours are a response to frustrations or anxieties about not being able to pinpoint feelings; and not understanding why we feel a particular way. 

Continuing our theme for 2020 of improving mental and physical health, the activity we have been giving our Yogis lately is for them to fill in their own feelings chart. 

Print the unfilled in chart out- get your child/ children to complete the chart by using their own words to describe the 6 basic emotions. Stick on their bedroom wall (for tweens/ teens), or kitchen fridge (younger age or if you are working through feelings with your older children- and spouse for that matter!) and when you can’t word how you feel, go to your chart and find the correct word. !

As I say in pretty much all my lessons… this isn’t just a great tool for kids. Adults can use it too. Anger; depression, frustration, self- medication, destructive behaviour are by no means the domain of children… (as we know may all know way too well.) Instead of taking out frustrations on a loved in one in future, wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a feelings wheel like this hidden in a computer folder; or written in a diary… or – why not use the one that the kids popped up on the fridge for the whole family to share and discuss. 

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