Fun Acro Skills 1- Learning to Cartwheel

Cartwheel Tips for Beginners

There is quite a bit of technique to mastering the cartwheel, but once you’ve nailed it- you’ll be cartwheeling all day long. Get out in your garden; the nearest park or beach and start practicing these tips!

by Amanda Fuzes- Video Featuring “Yogi Tori”!

Watch one of our fave Flying Yogis- Tori (also a beautiful gymnast) breakdown cartwheel techniques in a simple way via this 5 minute Youtube Video.

If i may add something… If you do not practice constantly at the beginning you won’t get it. I have children in my classes claiming they really want to learn to cartwheel yet they only practice for the few moments it’s covered in our classes. If you ask the kids who have beautiful cartwheels why they are so proficient- 10 out 10 times they will tell you that they DON’T STOP CARTWHEELING.

Once you have the knack- it’s in your body forever.

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