First 50 mins is our classic Flying Yogis Party- Yoga; Gymnastics; Games & Dance. Then about 25 minutes for snack break and cakes. Then- Let’s Party! 30-40 mins where our dj will play an awesome pop and disco playlist that can include your child’s favourite songs!!! Dance like nobody is watching!! Limbo; Macarena; Nutbush City Limits; Musical Bumps & Statues; Hip Hop dance offs; congo lines… the sky is the limit!


Annandale & Bondi Junction Studios- Or we can come to your location of choice.


Includes; 45 mins of activities: 25 mins for food/cake… followed by 45 mins of disco!

What we provide

You provide the food and we provide all cutlery, crockery, tablecloth, table, cake knife, lighter, serviettes, face crayons and fabric markers. This also means no clean up for you!

Dont Forget!

  • You have the entire venue to yourself 
  • We can design the invitation for you 


$700 for 1 – 20 children 
$35 per child for 21 + children 

Extra costs: if our activities involve extra materials that aren’t typically included in our parties or require extra preparation. If you would like to reduce costs we can discuss what’s involved with you supplying some materials. 

Our Parties work best without parents attending. In Bondi Junction- we can take a maximum of 8 parents. In Annandale- if you wish to have over 8 parents, there is a table charge- we set up a table in the side room so you can lay food out for them there- and they can congregate there. Please ask about this via email.

(*we can do this party as a 90 minute option for preschoolers) Prices as Below;

$560 for 90 minutes; 

$28 per child over 21 children. 

(Enviseage 35 mins warm up and ice breaker: 25ish mins food and cake; 30ish mins disco dancing)


Your spot is confirmed upon payment of 50% deposit. The remaining balance is due 2 days before the party when attendee numbers are confirmed. 

How to Book!

Our Parties are Bespoke. We only have one party on at the studio at a time. So please email us with as much info as you can so we can get your booking happening!

  1. Fill in the contact form . In the enquiry, please include this info: 
    1. Your child’s full name
    2. Date of birth
    3. Desired date/ time of party (give us some options!!)
    4. Location (Bondi / Annandale/ at an external venue)
    5. Theme of party
    6. No. of children
    7. The intended mix of boys and girls
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