Parent and tween/ teen class

FRIDAY Annandale 4:15- 5:25pm
Now Rose Bay 4:00-5:10pm!

Mum & or Dad with kids over 9 years old thru to 18yrs

End of year special class!.

Our Parent/ Tween- Teen classes recommence Friday 31st Jan in Annandale & will start in Rose Bay Feb 7

This class is fun for all Ages and encourages parents and kids to work together through a range of yoga, acro and gymnastics challenges.

We start with Fitness Challenges or Bonding Games; continuing into a vinyasa yoga session (Dynamic Flow Yoga)- then Partner Stretches & Partner Challenges!. You’ll have so much material to practice with eachother and have fun with at home!

Casual Drop In

for when you need it!
$ 20 Per Family Member
  • Convenient and Flexible

10 Pass

Valid for 1 year!
$ 165 Per Family Member
  • Thats only $17 each per class!7