Parent and tween/ teen class

FRIDAY 4:30- 5:30PM

Mum & or Dad with kids over 9 years old thru to 18yrs

Stretch Bend and let off Steam with your tween or teen.


This class is fun for all Ages and encourages parents and kids to work together through a range of yoga, acro and gymnastics challenges.

We start with Fitness Challenges or Bonding Games; continuing into a vinyasa yoga session (Dynamic Flow Yoga)- then Partner Stretches & Partner Challenges!. You’ll have so much material to practice with eachother and have fun with at home!

Casual Drop In

for when you need it!
$ 18 Per Family Member
  • Convenient and Flexible

10 Pass

Valid for 1 year!
$ 150 Per Family Member
  • Thats only $15 each per class!