Yoga Equipment For Sale
New & Second Hand

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New Adult
Yoga Mats

Great Quality with Alignment lines
$45 regular (sold out) $55 large (1 left)

2nd Hand Adult Studio Mats

Used mats from our studio. 6mm.

Zuu Kids Mats- High Quality

Flamingo or Peacock Pattern.

Zuu Kids Basic Mats

In pink or blue

New Adult Yoga Blocks

Quality cork blocks. Sustainable. firm. $15

2nd Hand Kids Blocks

Grey Yoga Block

2nd hand bolsters

These ones have been loved to bits.

New Yoga Belts

Strong quality & Great for adults.

2nd Hand Belts

Some for adults; some for kids.

Rubber Beam

Practice Tricks & skills safely.

2nd Hand Rubber Beam

Practice Tricks & skills safely.

Cartwheel Mat

The best way to learn a Cartwheel.

Gymnasium Equipment to Lease During Lockdown

Wedges from our studio

For rolls, tumbles & kickovers.
Quantity Available: 5
$45 per month

Octoroll from our studio

For handsprings, walkovers & rolls
Quantity Available: 3
$45 per month

Raised Beam from our studio

The best way to learn a Cartwheel.
Quantity Available: 1
$50 per month

Hart Mats from our studio

So your crazies don't hurt themselves!
Quantity Available: 2 Small 3 Large
$25 Small Mat $30 Large Mat

Mini Tramp from our studio

To get restless energy out.
Quantity Available: 2
$45 per month

Floor Bar
from our studio

Practice your bar skills!
Quantity Available: 2
$25 per month

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