Balloon Limbs

What you’ll need: Just a balloon!

How many Players: Play alone or with friends!

How to Play: Blow up a balloon and keep it in the air! It sounds easy but give it a try using different body parts! Keep the balloon from hitting the ground using just your pinky finger, or Big toe.. or even your head! 

Time how long you can keep it up for and beat your own record or challenge a friend!

not YOGA but TOE-GA!

What you’ll need: Some small Pom Poms or Marbles can be used

How many Players: Play alone or in teams with friends!

How to play: Start with the pile of pom pom’s or marbles on one side of the room and a goal at the other end of the room. Now you must pick up the pom poms using your toes! scrunch your toes to grab one tight and hop it on one foot to the goal at the other end of the room! How many can you hop across the room in just 4 minutes! or race a friend!


What you’ll need: Paper, markers and scissors 

How many Players: Play alone or with friends!

How to Play: Start by cutting up an even number of playing card sized paper. try make 30! Then once you have your blank cards decide on 15 yoga poses or gymnastics challenges. Then try to draw and write the name of the pose on 2 cards per pose. Once you have drawn up all your cards you have your very own yoga memory cards! Mix them up and try find pairs! If you find a match you have to stand up and do that pose or challenge! 


How many Players: 3+

How to Play: Someone is the traffic light one end of the room. The other players are at the other. Whoever gets to the traffic light first becomes the next light. 

The traffic light says a colour- the other players need to do the movement associated with the colour. e.g,
Red Light- Stop
Green Light- Go
Orange Light- Go Slow
Purple Light- Bunny Hops
Blue light- froggy jumps
pick movements for yellow; black; etc
In our family – brown light is walking backwards wiggling your bottom- (not always with pants on!)