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FLying Yogis Teaching Yoga To Children Level 1 2015- Programme

Jess, Alla, May, Ivy, Raffa and I (ie the “Flying Yogis Gurus”) put all our experience and love into documenting and teaching our inaugural first Children’s Yoga Teacher Training Programme this October. We couldn’t anticipate how much fun and ultimately successful this project was going to be.

Thanks to our first trainees… you’re now on your way to become children’s yoga teachers… . we hope you join the “Gurus” one day.

Allergy Free Coconut/ Choc Bliss Balls

When holding our Holiday Camps, we’re strictly conscious to provide snacks that :

(1) we would be happy to feed our own children

(2) that are completely allergy free – no nuts, seeds, eggs, wheat…

This is a great bliss ball recipe that your kids can take to school as they should comply with strict school guidelines.

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