4 weeks flexibility & conditioning course
*NEW* Starting on May 4th at Bondi Junction studio

Led by Amanda Fuzzes

5 weeks flexibility & conditioning course

From May 4th, Tuesdays 6:30 pm

Bondi Junction Studio

In this course you will be training:

– Hips: splits/ straddles/ lotus

Spine: back flexibility, bridge/ camel poses and variations

– Shoulders: strength & mobility. Inversions and theraband work to release neck and shoulder tensions

– Core work.

– Amanda has spent over 25 years studying mobility and flexibility techniques. She is fascinated by the mind-body connection and the little tricks required to open and strength tight or strained areas of the body. 

Facilitators Bio.

Amanda Fuzes, the Flying Yogi

Amanda started yoga in 1994 and has been teaching since 1996! (yes- she’s a yoga relic from last century!) She is a Senior teacher & trainer with Yoga Australia and 500hr trainer with Yoga Alliance.

Due to her love of handstands; inversions; flips & play- she started Flying Yogis- to teach children, and adults how to eliminate all sorts of fear and anxiety via fun, progressive and challenging yoga sequences.

Amanda’s insight into the Biomechanics of balancing upside down can be very useful for any practitioner looking to deepen their Yoga; Acrobatics or Physical Movement practice but she can specifically help women who need to learn alignment tricks and techniques beyond brute strength in order to be able to sustain and hold inverted postures.  

These skills typically don’t come naturally to anyone! There are drills; techniques; instructions; things to remember about how each part of the body moves in relation to the other part… This workshop reveals each component – and show you how to really enjoy being upside down!