This Page will be fully updated for Annandale & Rose Bay’s programmes by June 7. 

Please read this. Some days the children will need to bring things to recycle and decorate- wear certain colours etc… We don’t want them to miss out! We may not always send reminder emails out over the holidays- ensure you read it and note the requirements at least once!!


Times: Annandale 9am- daily … before after care is 8:30- 5:30pm. Please note that in Annandale, due to very extended after care- we may pop on a movie for children.


All drop offs and pickups- Flying Yogis New Annandale Studio – 103C Parramatta Rd, Annandale. The entry is on Johnston St.

Please note our Park Days… we will be at (to be confirmed) park. We expect to be there by 9:45am latest. If you are planning on a late drop off- please let us know in advance- we can direct you to where the children will be.

What to Wear in General:

Gymnastics/ yoga style gear. Anything they can move around in alot. They will be barefoot inside for many activities- so no closed toe tights. They insist on a Long Disney dress? make sure they have top and leggings underneath! Nothing too fancy- we use paint; go to parks; love arts and crafts… so something that can come home a little “loved”.

What to Bring each day.

Please note- Meals aren’t included: please pack a hearty lunch; snacks and bottle of water. We are a complete nut free zone- so please respect this for the safety of other children.  For extended care- please ensure they have enough for a full day- or some coins in their bag for a healthy snack from our mini tuckshop.
Labelled water bottle; hat for outdoor days.
We have a Tuck shop with healthy food options: yoghurts; oat bars; home made bliss balls; seaweed snacks; apples; pears etc. Please let your children know that if you haven’t provided them $$ for tuck shop that we cant give them anything.


We will have some quiet activities set up for children- such as drawing; colouring; puzzles; lego.. they can play on our equipment if our teacher is able to monitor them, however- on most exhausting days (like many of them)- we may pop a fun animation or kids movie on for the children to watch. If you are not happy with this, please contact us to discuss all options. We don’t put them on very often, however, as aftercare gets extended later and later to accomodate working parents, we offer this quiet activity.


If you are more than 10 minutes late to pick up your child after 3:30pm, you will be charged for aftercare ($15). And please please respect our staff and do not be after 5:30pm if your child is booked into after care. You will be required to pay them $15 per half hour you are late- directly. They are exhausted… they want to go home- or at the very least- they need to prepare everything for the next day’s activities. We trust you understand.