Body Confidence Course for Teens

HEY GUYS. switch off the social media, and your phones... we're about to go on a life-changing journey.

This one's for the Teens!

Imagine a program that not only got you off the couch and into physically great shape- but also inspired you to be comfortable in your own skin and embrace your individuality!

  .. this 6 part Yoga, Mindfulness & Meditation course is a game changer for teens. It will empower you with confidence and awareness tools to cope with anxiety, pressure, self- esteem issues and lack of body confidence. 

All you need is a mat, a bit of room to throw yourself around a bit; ideally a wall to assist with a few stretches and challenges. A block and belt would be great- but if you don’t have them- and old tie and thick book will work (until you realise yoga is your “thing”- then go out and get a block and belt!!”

We asked parents and their teen kids what they looked for in a confidence building program!

And we created the course with these concerns in mind. 

Teens Said:

I want to destress and relax

I want to get in good shape

Manage insecurities fuelled by social media.

I am self conscious about my body and how I look. 

I want something personal and just for me so I can do it in my room in private- without any pressure from family or peers

I want to learn/ keep doing backbends and handstands!

Parents Said:

My child has poor posture- always slouching.

Weak core strength

Poor health habits (such as too much screen time; binge eating; sugar addictions; laziness)

Lack of confidence and body awareness

Needs a stress management tool.

I wish he/ she acted more mindfully

Roller coaster mood swings which directly effects the dynamics in the household

Your Instructor

Senior yogi Amanda Fuzes

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Course Instructor

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Body Confidence for Teens 6 Part Course


We have an opening special to celebrate the launch of our unique Yoga program for teens. Purchase before June 15 and save $26. 

You can listen to the discourses as often as you like… you may want to do the yoga classes more than once – you can do them as often as you like… As you get more experienced, you’ll find lessonss 5 and 6 will provide enough challenges to be repeated quite a few times. 

the meditations can also be done either after each class- or whenever you need them.