Flying Yogis
corona virus status.

Update: 22nd March. SUmmary today. 
As of 23rd March- most classes at Rose Bay and Annandale are cancelled for adults and children. We apologise for this inconvenience. This has been a very difficult decision to make. Some of our absolute fave classes will be on- and  we will try to stream them. Please check our timetable mid morning on Monday to find out classes and their stream times. 

We are working 24/7 to get a system of online resources ready for you. Our online channel page is up- with a few classes… there will be more soon. 

 As for school holiday programs: We can credit our wonderful clients who booked in early for our school holiday programs if it’s confirmed that they cannot go ahead. We’re happy to offer these well organised parents a couple of adult yoga classes at the end of all this too! At present we don’t recommend booking for the programs until we know what we can or can’t do. If we can offer mini programs in some shape or form, we will. 

This goes for the Adult Handstand Workshop. This will be postponed to a later date. But stay on our online channel- you may find some handstand tips appear shortly!!




You can







  • As of March 23rd- we have had to suspend all children’s FLying Yogis classes.  
  • Meanwhile please check our online classes … on the online page. 
  • many of our classes will be cancelled this week. 
  • We have posted a few adult yoga classes on our Online resources page. 
  • There will be an online streaming timetable up from about Monday 23rd March. 
  • this is all new to us. please check the timetable daily to find out what classes we can offer and salvage. 

Whilst the camps at present haven’t been officially cancelled, we can’t in good conscience further promote our holiday camps. We know that within days of lockdown you will wish you could have an activity where you can send your children. We are currently  coming up with a fun series of activities they can do at home- and with you. 

For the small group who jumped on the early bird deals we offered – we are in a situation where we can credit you for future camps; courses; birthday parties. More news on what we are able to do will be published here when we know. 



We will be avidly monitoring the following websites:



  • teachers will stay at home if they feel unwell or if they know they have been exposed directly or indirectly to the virus. 
  • We will no longer be adjusting or touching students. 
  • there is no more partner work in classes at present. 
  • we will set mats up a good metre’s distance from eachother
  • all mats will be sprayed with disinfectant as will all our yoga and gymnasium equipment. 




Let us know whether you are up for:

  • online yoga classes- groups syle
  • online yoga classes- private. 
  • Private yoga instruction at your place (if permissable)
  • Private Yoga instruction at our studio (if permissable)

Please Email us if you have any questions regarding our Hygiene Policy.