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Family Yogis - 2.5yrs - 3.5yrs + carer

2.5-3.5 yrs old. Annandale & Junction

Following the adorable success of our Tuesday Bendytots class started in 2020, we are offering 3 classes per week in Annandale & two classes in Bondi Junction in 2021.

This class is done with parent/ carer. Yep- we are all doing Yoga and Acro together! So mum/ dad/ carer- wear your “active wear” and get ready to join in the fun! Kids will be flying on your feet in no time!

These classes include: Yoga; Acro & Gymnastics circuits. Classes work on: fine and gross motor skills; coordination; concentration; mindfulness; family bonding and focus.

Bendybods Preschool

3.5-5yrs. Children going to school in 2022 (or 2023 if can be left at studio without parent/ carer)

Kids take flight as this is the first age group done without parents in the studio?*

In our Bendybods classes, we work on coordination; agility; flexibility; fun yoga poses; new gymnastic challenges and concentration games. Stories about mindfulness and other yoga philosophies are introduced in fun ways. We also sneak in little lessons associated with literacy and numeracy. They’ll not only be able to spell and count, they’ll be able to do it with their bodies!

*Children progress better this way. If your child isn’t ready to do classes without carer present, we have increased the number of Family classes- which is a fun class to do with parent/ carer.

Bendybods Yr K-1

5-7yr olds

Bendybods is a course that’s
on the active side including:
salutes; yoga poses; tumbles; handstands; backbends; cartwheels; partner & team games.

On the mental side the courses focus on: improving concentration & focus; consideration & cooperation; trust; fearlessness; open mindedness…

Our classes for school aged children are done without parents at the studio.

Flying Yogis yrs 2-4

7 – 9yrs old

Yoga balances hormones and manages stress so these courses are an ideal tool for handling the pressures of puberty and school life.

The class runs as follows:
Yoga inspired sequences; vinyasa flow; agility; flexibilty… and of course, what we’re famous for; all the gym techniques that kids love (tumbles; flips; handstands; backbends- and crazy acro maneouvres).. We’re also excited to be introducing GYmnastics to this group with our growing amount of apparatus.

Flying Yogis yrs 5-6

9 – 12yrs old

This course is for yr 4-6 students at school. Starting with 20ish mins of mindfulness discussions and a vinyasa style yoga sequence; we then progress to agility skills; then tumbling/ acrobatic skills.
– forward/ backrolls
– handstands
– cartwheels/ roundoffs
– variations
– backbends
– walkovers
– kickovers
– introduction to handsprings
– partner acrobatics.
Our classes work wonders on children with anxiety and are working on emotion management. Each child has a Yogi Diary they add to weekly… where they set intentions; and design their hopes and dreams!

Flying Yogis Teens. Yrs 7-12

12 – 18yrs old

Our FLying Yogis teens classes are a fun class for kids from yr 7- to year 12 to unwind; destress; stay agile fit and flexible – in good mental and physical shape.

Each week, a mix of flow vinyasa, deep stretches, mindfulness and a few challenges to inspire and help with focus and concentration are taught by teachers with over 10 years experience teaching children of all ages.

We also specialise in puberty and adolescent stages, with self awareness, confidence and cooperation serving as huge themes in all our teaching.

Pure Acro Classes

3,5-5yrs, 5-8yrs, 8-12yrs old.

Children are at their most agile at this age… so the standard can really take off.

Firstly we instill focus and concentration skills via 20 mins of breathing and yoga. Then we work on various tumbling skills according to the child’s age and abilities, such as:

Rolls; handstands; cartwheels and variations; backbends; walkovers; somersaults; handsprings.

Mindfulness relaxation and cooldown follows straight after.

Pure Yogis

9-18yrs old.

This class is for kids 9 thru to teen years who just want to focus on yoga. We don’t use the gymnastics apparatus much in this class at all. This class can get quite challenging as the yoga we teach is quite progressive, so it’s by no means the “easy option”…

Prerequisites for this class:
(1) that your child concentrates well
(2) shows interest in vinyasa flow sequences and doesn’t become distracted doing them
(3) listens well and takes adjustments and corrections confidently.
(4) is mindful

if you find your child is “working towards” the above characteristics, please select our regular flying yogis classes for a few terms before asking if they are suitable for this classs. The students in this class are here to concentrate, focus, and work mindfully towards quite a challenging yoga practice.

School pick up

Annandale Public School

Flying Yogis can now pick up children from Annandale Public School and bring them to the studio for their snacks; get changed; colouring in and mindful activities before their class starts. 

We should be back at the studio by 3:15pm- so if other families from other schools would like to drop their children in early for some mindful activities before the class, then you can book in and drop them in at 3:15pm

Children can bring their own food, however, we will have a small snack bar with healthy food and fruit.. everything under $5 . (think yoghurts; cheese/ crackers; apples; bananas; oat bars)

Cost is $135 for the term, or $15 for casual drop offs. Please let us know via email if you are dropping off casually.

Adult yoga classes

Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin and Dharma.

Why should kids have all the fun?

Keep your body and mind fit, flexible and strong. We have different yoga classes suitable for both beginners and experienced yogis. We integrate breath work, mindfulness and meditation techniques in all classes.

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