annandale SPRING PROGRAMS 2020
YRS K-3 (5-9yrs)
8:30- 5:30- (B4/ AFTER CARE)

All you Need to Know About Our Programs

Program Descriptions

Acro Skills

Tumbling Skills such as: forward & back rolls; handstands; cartwheels; walkovers/ preps for handsprings & aerials.

Flying Yogis Class

Flying Yogis Style classes include: flowing yoga dance; tumbling; acro yoga; mindfulness & agility enhancing gamess

Circus Skills

Slacklines; tumbling skills; juggling; hooping; skip rope... all sorts of games and activities to get the kids focused and coordinated

Hip Hop Day

Fun & Active Hip Hop Hour with our buddy Giselle from GPower dance; Acro skills- then who knows- maybe a "DAnce; Off"

Friday picnics + Disco

Tease your hair; wear bright colours; wear your funkiest party outfit... think Limbo; nutbush city limits; dance shows (move over Tic Toc- we're going to show you how to Dance like nobody is filming or watching!)

Age Groups will be split up into Kindy-Y1 and Y2-3 for activities in smaller groups. 


Annandale 9am- daily … before after care is 8:30- 5:30pm. Doors open at 8:55am for regular bookings.   If you’ve booked a few days already, and would like a few extra- don’t miss out on the “fifth day free” offer. Just email us- and we will add the days on and invoice to you with the discounted day.


All drop offs and pickups- Flying Yogis New Annandale Studio –103C Parramatta Rd, Annandale. The entry is on Johnston St.

Please note some days have picnic Lunches at Weekley park. It’s about 8-10 mins walk from the studio. .

What to Wear in General:

Gymnastics/ yoga style gear & sneakers (for park activities). Anything they can move around in alot. They will be barefoot inside for many activities- so no closed toe tights.  Nothing too fancy- we use paint; go to parks; love arts and crafts- we basically can get quiye messy some times. … so something that can come home a little “loved”.

Late Drop offs and Early Pickups

Please call us on (02) 93860031 if you are dropping your children off late or picking them early. There are some circumstances where we may leave for the park early; or only be getting back to the studio moments before 3pm. On those days- we will let you know exactly where to pick your child up from. 

What to Bring each day:

Please pack a hearty lunch; snacks and bottle of water. We are a complete nut free zone- so please respect this for the safety of other children.

We kindly request you take into consideration the level of processed sugars in your children’s food whilst on our camps. We are not by any stretch of the imagination judgemental about what you feed your children, however- highly sugared up children are very hard to manage. We know it’s their holidays and its time for fun and treats- but please ensure treats are moderate and ideally healthy!!

For extended care- please ensure they have enough for a full day- or some coins in their bag for a healthy snack from our mini tuckshop.

All Meals; a few $ for healthy tuckshop; Labelled water bottle; hat for outdoor days.

Tuck Shop:

We have a Tuck shop with healthy food options: yoghurts; oat bars; home made bliss balls; seaweed snacks; apples; pears etc. Please let your children know that if you haven’t provided them $ for tuck shop that we cant give them anything. If your child is in aftercare, a few emergency $ comes in handy… they ALWAYS go through their food.

Hygiene Policies:

Due to these uncertain times, we are taking our hygiene policies very seriously, and expect all parents, children and staff to help us with the administering of these to these rules. In summary- all children are to sanitise hands on entry to studio; and various times through the day; we will have a chat with them about hand cleanliness and touching faces and community contact. Please don’t send unwell children to the studio. We know it’s flu season- but please have them checked if they present with flu conditions.  

Please read ourCovid hygiene policies.

And the Small Print!! (not so small- so please read)… 


Please let us know if your child has any behavioural issues. If there are tools to make your child feel at home and welcome, please share them. The less surprises we have- the better able we are to manage a child who finds new activities and environmentss stressful or confronting. We will also ensure we have the correct staff on board with experience to manage children of varying points of the behaviour spectrum
We have zero tolerance on bullying or aggressive behaviour at any of our programmes. We let the children know this at the start of the day. We don’t give warnings, we will ring a parent to pick the child up. This is for the sense of safety and security of the child being bullied.


We will have some quiet activities set up for children- such as drawing; colouring; puzzles; lego.. they can play on our equipment if our teacher is able to monitor them, however- after 4pm we usually pop a fun animation or kids movie on for the children to watch. This allows our teachers to tidy up after our big days and prepare for the next day. We understand not all parents are happy with this- we are not fans of screens ourselves- however we can provide a very affordable care service with this compromise. Please take this into consideration before you book your child in. If we were to organise more workshops and trainings, we would have to charge more for aftercare…  (about $40 per child instead of $25). 


We take every precaution possible to ensure child safety: high teacher- student ratios; first aid knowledge and administrations; setting out safety guidelines each morning. Accidents, however, do happen. And more often with children. While we will look after your child if they hurt themselves; and administer first aid; we are not liable for an injury that may occur to your child by accident during our programs. There will be an injury report to sign; and there are cctv cameras to capture footage of incidents and our first aid responsibilities. 


If you are more than 10 minutes late to pick up your child after 3pm, you will be charged for aftercare ($25). And please please respect our staff and do not be after 5:30pm if your child is booked into after care. You will be required to pay them $15 per half hour you are late- in cash directly. They are exhausted… they want to go home; they may have after work plans;- or at the very least- they need to prepare everything for the next day’s activities. We trust you understand.