Meet the Flying Yogis

You think you have a limit. And you go for the limit, you touch the limit, and then you think: “Okay, now this is my limit”. As soon as you touch this limit, something happens and you suddenly can go a little bit further. With your mind power, your determination, your instinct and the experience as well, you can fly very high – Ayrton Senna

Flying Yogis started out as “Bendybods” classes at Prana Space Yoga Studio in Rose Bay in 2004. As our programmes morphed and grew via our inspiring teachers and students, we became the Flying Yogis. We now operate in various locations around Sydney and are expanding.

We have created unique programmes that incorporate yoga’s mindfulness with Gym and Acro’s agility and coordination for kids. This gives your children fun ways to gain all the tools needed to cope with our hectic lives: focus; trust; confidence; cooperation; self-esteem, awareness; resilience and fearlessness in a completely non-competitive environment. We work in with physios; O.T.s; psychologists and other therapists to help children with specific needs and are well respected by these groups as a diverting and fun adjunct to their work.

Our team of inspiring teachers come from various backgrounds; gym; dance; child psychology; education.. Our trainings are rigorous. We aim to create the kind of teachers that bring out your child’s personal best.

Most of all, whether you come weekly to courses; attend our holiday workshops; come to a Birthday party, have flying yogis teach at your school; or as an adult become part of our team and do our teacher training; you will have a fun and joyful experience.


Amanda Fuzes

Yoga teacher since 1997
Hatha Yoga Teacher Trainer since 2007
Children’s Yoga Teacher Trainer since 2015
Director of Flying Yogis
Mum of 2 Adorable, Cheeky, Girls
Addicted to being upside down!!

Ivy Rivett

Yogi; Dancer; Gymnast
Head Teacher At Flying Yogis Rose Bay; School Holiday Programme Manager
Mum of 3 aaerodynamic children
A big Kid at Heart who loves to climb; dance; run and ride bicycles
Encourages Brain and Body Balance through Fun.

Francesca (Chess) Stokes

Gymnast; Dancer & Aspiring Yogi
Uni  Student. Marketing & Communications @ Flying Yogis
I love the Ocean & Art
Grew up competing in Gymnastics, love being upside down.
I encourage strength & focus while embracing uniqueness, expression & fun through movement.

Chelsea Stokes

Gymnast- Yogi- Uni Student
Lover of animals; travel; ice cream and sport.
A teacher that embraces energy, concentration, hardwork and fun to teach
children new skills and improve flexibility.
With the great title of: “Flying Yogis Party Manager”

Emma Grill

Profressional Dancer; Choreographer; Yogi
Uni student, beach lover, Music Enthusiast.
Teaching kids to enjoy the process and forget the product
And never ending a class without a little boogie!!!

Jake Gam

Engineering student and Acrobat.
loves teaching kids that the world is better upside down!

Ina Burch

Professional Dancer; Choreographer; Acrobat & Yogi
Passionate teacher who aims to help and inspire kids to reach for
and grow their potential.

Liam Lind

Proving that Man can really Fly!!
Former National Gymnast;
Currently: Acrobat; Trampolinist; Performer (Legs on the Wall)
Mech Engineering Student
Passions: travel; music; sewing!! & defying gravity.

Elsa Geelan

Yogi and Mum of 2 Boys
Loves teaching kids how to meditate, do cartwheels
and learn to love who they are.

Nigel Mitchell

Yogi- teaching kids calm, concentration
& how to move like a Ninja!

Savanna Chilchik

Ballerina; Dancer; Yogi; Pilates
Loves Kids… Kids love Her!